Russians have a new air route from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh

A new air route has appeared for Russians from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh

Another route with a transfer that Russian tourists can use to reach Egypt has been announced in the country. The Embassy of Egypt in Baku reported that a decision had been made to resume direct flights between the capital of Azerbaijan and the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. One flight per week is planned.

N.B. Earlier Turprom wrote that “Russian tourists have opened tours to Egypt by direct flights: prices and schedules to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh have been announced.”

In Egypt, regarding the opening of a flight through Azerbaijan, they said that the resumption of a direct flight between Baku and Sharm el-Sheikh “is an important step in promoting inbound tourism from Azerbaijan to Egyptian tourist cities,” but they also hope that the flight will be in demand and where more extensive Russian market.

True, one “but” is worth noting – tickets only to Baku are no longer cheap for Russian tourists. This week, their cost ranges from 40 thousand to 67 thousand rubles.

Recall also that in the near future for Russian tourists it is planned to open an international hub in Sochi, the purpose of which is to carry tourists, among other things, to countries accessible to Russia under the sanctions. By the way, Egypt is one of them. Flights are planned to be operated by Rossiya Airlines on Superjets. The six countries are:

  1. Armenia,
  2. Egypt,
  3. Israel,
  4. Kazakhstan,
  5. Turkey,
  6. Uzbekistan.

For details, read the article “Russians started selling tickets to 6 countries through Sochi.”

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