Russians leaving Sharm el-Sheikh were shocked: Russian tourists stuck in Egypt were cynically fined for expired visas

Russians leaving Sharm el-Sheikh were shocked: stuck in Egypt, Russian tourists were cynically fined for expired visas

The authorities of the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh showed the true attitude towards the stuck Russian tourists in a “friendly” country – travelers share such disappointments in social networks, talking about Egypt. Or rather, about a specific outrageous incident that occurred on March 16th. For the opportunity to board a plane departing for their homeland, each passenger on an export flight organized by the Russian side was required by the Egyptian authorities to pay a fine of $100 and justified this cynical demand by the fact that the Russians, who were stuck in the country for objective reasons, had an expired visa. Those who did not pay were threatened by the authorities not to be allowed on board.

According to the rules, travelers who come to the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula, where the famous Sharm el-Sheikh is located, receive a Sinai stamp instead of a visa, which gives the right to legally and free of charge stay on the peninsula for 15 days. However, due to the cancellation of flights due to circumstances beyond the control of Russian tourists, most of them have expired, which the authorities of the country of pyramids decided to take advantage of.

On the export flight organized by Aeroflot, which took place on March 16, each tourist was required to pay a fine of $100 in cash, which at the current exchange rate is more than 10,000 rubles. This despite the fact that, firstly, earlier the fine was only $30; secondly, the Russians faced the problem of non-working bank cards of the Mastercard and Visa payment systems; thirdly, many of the vacationers had no money left at all.

According to the channel in Yandex.Zen, “seemingly foreseeing the slow resumption of the tourist flow from Russia, the Egyptian authorities decided to finally replenish the budget and leave about this trip and about Egypt as a whole, tourists have an even more “bright” impression.”

The situation outraged Russian tourists, even the intervention of the tour operator did not help. As a result, someone paid the declared amount, and those who could not, provided their passports. The Egyptian side carefully photographed them.

“Probably the next time they visit Egypt, they will be fined or not allowed into the country at all,” commented a representative of the tour operator,” the blog author suggested.

P.S. Later, the Russian embassy in Egypt published the following information: “We inform you that in the course of negotiations with the Egyptian side, we managed to reach agreements on the temporary abolition of fines for Russian citizens for delaying the so-called “Sinai stamp” due to objective difficulties in returning to their homeland. In case of difficulties on this issue, as well as threats to the life, safety and health of Russian citizens, requiring the intervention of employees of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Egypt, please contact us by e-mail or by emergency phone: +2-0128- 009-50-99″.

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