Russians received tours for issuing working Visa and Mastercard cards: prices are low, the country is not far away

Russians received tours for issuing working Visa and Mastercard cards: prices are low, the country is not far away

In Russian tourism, a new “trend” is brewing – tours for obtaining bank cards not of Russian “subordination”. If until recently “vaccine tours” were popular, allowing them to bypass covid barriers, now tourists are offered “anti-sanction” routes. Namely, tour operators have brought to the market such a novelty as tours to Uzbekistan, not far from the Russian borders, using VISA and Mastercard cards. Yes, yes, to Uzbekistan, from where local hard workers used to go to Russia to work.

According to the statement of the tour operator VediTourGroup, which brought the novelty to the market, the exclusive tour allows you to issue a Visa/Master Card in Tashkent. “This bank card is accepted for payment in any banks and allows you to freely use bank transfer abroad to pay for goods and services,” the tour operator says.

Those who wish are promised a fixed price in rubles for the tour. The booking promotion period is from 16.03 to 16.05.2022 for arrivals from 03.04 to 23.10.2022. The fixed price of the tour itself is from 23 thousand rubles per person. According to the tour operator, the benefits are:

Ease of registration – only a passport is required

  • Internet payments and purchases anywhere in the world
  • Bonus: opening a ruble account with a tie to a card for conversion
  • Preliminary preparation of documents by a representative of a local company, escort to the bank
  • Minimum time for issuing and receiving a card
  • Convenient online banking application in Russian
  • 24 hours client service in Russian
  • Minimum commissions for transactions

To supplement all this, clients are offered excursions to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. In addition, tourists are promised direct flights to Tashkent: from Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Kazan, Ufa, Mineralnye Vody on Uzbek airlines. The price of an air ticket, which is purchased separately, starts from 25,000 from Moscow and 47,000 from Yekaterinburg.

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