Russians warned about air tickets: everything will change by summer

Russians have been warned about air tickets: everything will change by summer

The increase in airfare prices in the summer season “will at best correspond to the level of consumer inflation”, but in general the situation is unpredictable. This information was announced to tourists by Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Prices of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanova Maria Dolgova.

At the moment, according to the expert, prices are going up – only in the first eight days of April, prices for air tickets in economy class rose by 10.57%. Since the beginning of this year, the price increase has amounted to 11.58%. A number of factors work to increase prices – firstly, demand is growing significantly in the summer season, while supply is declining in the current conditions. In addition, the costs of airlines are growing – the reason for this is both air sanctions and rising fuel prices – in Russia they have added 6% since the beginning of the year, they are also becoming more expensive – and are in short supply – and spare parts, as a result, the costs of maintaining and repairing the fleet are growing.< /p>

The expert suggests that aircraft that previously flew abroad may enter the domestic market – this may contribute to “supply maintenance”. On the other hand, according to her, “in the absence of new spare parts, part of the aircraft can be used as donors for the repair of the fleet.

“The current situation is very changeable – sanctions against Russia, certain sectors of the economy, industries and companies are introduced almost daily, which is reflected in almost any market. Under these conditions, the increase in airfare prices will at best correspond to the level of consumer inflation,” Ms. Dolgova summed up.

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