Russians will no longer be able to come to live in Turkey

 Russians will no longer be able to come to live in Turkey

It will no longer be possible to come “to try to live in Turkey” – at least until the “lingering tourists” subside. So the blogger did not please their colleagues, who calculated on her channel in Yandex.Zen how much this pleasure will result in according to the new rules for obtaining a residence permit.

“According to the new rules for obtaining a residence permit, the most important moment has appeared, which now unfolds people who want to live here, this is confirmation of their solvency,” the blogger said. And she announced the following details: “Now there must be at least one subsistence minimum (from the new year it is 4250 lira) per month on the account for each family member. That is, if you plan to apply for a residence permit for a year, then this amount must be multiplied by 12 months, and if there are at least two of you in the family, then by 2 more. Total: 4250 lira * 12 months * 2 people = at least 102 000 lire for a family of two,” the blogger said. At the same time, she stressed that it was “precisely about obtaining a tourist residence permit, and not for the purpose of official work for a Turkish organization, long-term treatment, studying at universities, marrying Turkish citizens, etc.” Note that the current official exchange rate of the lira against the ruble is 5.7 rubles per lira

“In addition to this certificate from the account, you will also need an apartment rental agreement for the same long period, certified by a notary,” the tourist added. At the same time, she noted that “for obvious reasons” the demand for rent already exceeds the supply – and at the same time the season has not yet arrived. “On average, now in more popular areas among tourists, prices start at 6,000 liras per month for an apartment,” the tourist said. As a result, according to her, the option “to come, live a little, get comfortable, take a closer look and understand whether it’s suitable or not” – “flies a pretty penny.”

“Either we definitely come with a serious attitude that we want to live here, carefully and consciously, investing decent funds in moving, or we are waiting for other times, when prices may drop again, forced demand will fall, protracted “tourists” will be weeded out and everything will not be as full as it is now, ”the blogger summed up.< /p>

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