S7 Airlines has connected the possibility of paying for tickets with “Shares”

S7 Airlines has launched payment for tickets and additional services in installments using the Shares service from Tinkoff. Now the traveler can pay for the reservation in several stages online without additional commission and interest.    

S7 Airlines has added the ability to pay for tickets with Shares

When the user chooses to pay for tickets with “Shares”, the amount of his payment is divided into four parts. At the time of placing the order, he pays only the first part, that is, 25% of the total cost. The three remaining parts are deducted from the user's card, which he used for the purchase, in equal shares automatically every two weeks. As a result, you can fully pay for tickets within six weeks. “Unlike a regular installment plan or a loan, paying with Shares does not imply any commissions or interest, and the process itself is simple and fast. In addition, you can buy tickets immediately using a bank card or a quick payment system, or you can pay for your reservation within 24 hours or fix the price for several days. We strive to provide travelers with the most diverse and comfortable user experience on our website and in the application, and we are constantly expanding payment options for the convenience of passengers,” says Alena Muzykantova, S7 Aviation Product Director. “BNPL services continue to penetrate into all spheres of life, and today Doliami is opening a new direction for itself — air tickets. For the first time, you can use an air ticket by paying initially only 25% of its cost. “In shares “allows you to stretch the payment over time and gives you more opportunities to manage your budget,” said Arsen Lyametov, head of the business line and the Shares team. The new payment method is already available on the S7 Airlines official website when purchasing a ticket and additional services from a desktop computer or laptop. It is not yet possible to add services to an existing booking in this way. In the near future, payment by “Shares” will also appear in the mobile version of the site and in the application. When making a booking, the user can choose another payment method if for some reason it was not possible to use the “Shares” service. Now the maximum order amount for buying tickets using the service is 40 thousand rubles. More information about how the service works can be found on the airline's website.


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