S7 has connected payment for tickets using Yandex Pay

S7 Airlines has added the ability to pay for air tickets using the Yandex Pay service.

S7 enabled payment for tickets using Yandex Pay

Using Yandex Pay is currently only available when purchasing a ticket through the carrier's application. However, S7 promises that the service will soon appear on the airline's website.

When making the first purchase of tickets using the Yandex Pay service, the S7 application will request access to a Yandex ID account (if the user does not have such an account, it will be necessary to create one and link a bank card of a Russian bank to it). After granting access, click the Yandex Pay button and select the required card.

“The method is safe: data is transmitted in encrypted form. You should not worry about cashback and other bonuses either – they will be saved upon purchase, – reported in the S7 Telegram channel.


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