Sea bus starts to run from Turkey to three Mediterranean countries

Sea bus starts running from Turkey to three Mediterranean countries

launched the Hatay Sea Bus (HADO). True, it is also expected that transport will connect other regions and countries that are “problematic” in terms of tourism.

Thus, as stated, the first flight is planned from the southern Turkish port of Hatay – which, by the way, is located almost 500 km from Antalya in a straight line and about 730 km by road – to the port of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus. Recall that this “Turkish Republic” is still considered an unrecognized state – although there are tourists there.

Going forward, Bulent Ok, deputy general secretary of the Hatay metropolitan municipality, said the route will also serve as a sea bridge between the southern Turkish city of Hatay and several countries, including Israel, Lebanon and even more remote Libya. “The port is now ready for international passenger traffic. The wave season in the Mediterranean will end by the end of May. Thus, from now on, the operation of the sea bus will begin in the region,” the Turkish expert assured.

It should be added that the Hatay region of the same name for Turkey has long been considered a problem area, namely, a disputed territory with Syria. The region became part of Turkey in 1939, but still has a long border with Syria.

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