Sex maniac given a life sentence for killing a tourist in Phuket

Sex maniac given a life sentence for killing a tourist in Phuket

A Thai who wanted to rob and rape a foreign tourist, but killed her instead, was sentenced to life in prison. Recall that a resonant state of emergency occurred at a well-known and remote from public places waterfall on the resort island of Phuket in August last year.

A 57-year-old tourist arrived on the resort island from Switzerland as part of the new “Phuket sandbox” scheme at that time when the kingdom was in dire need of vacationers. A tragic incident with a foreigner markedly lowered the rating of the resort, as travelers were afraid to go to Phuket. Thai police quickly found the culprit.

According to Thai media, the Phuket court delivered its verdict on March 15. The offender was charged with murder, attempted rape, theft and drug use. The defendant pleaded guilty to theft and use of illegal drugs, refusing to admit murder and intent to abuse the woman.

The 27-year-old sex maniac said he noticed the traveler at the waterfall around noon when she was looking for orchids and other exotic plants near the Ao Yon waterfall on August 3 last year. She was wearing a tank top and shorts and was swimming in the water. He quietly approached her with the intent to rape her. Grabbed by the neck, began to choke and drown. After she stopped resisting, he dragged her body to the bank of the stream.

Believing that the victim was only unconscious, he still intended to rape the woman. He took off her shorts and underwear, but only after he turned her face up did he realize that she was dead and changed his mind.

The intruder covered her body with a black tarp he found nearby and hid in the rocks. He then searched the tourist's bag for things and stole 300 baht (about 1,00 rubles) from her.

The court found that the suspect could have foreseen that his actions would lead to the death of the victim, and therefore found him guilty in premeditated murder. The Thai will now be in prison for the rest of his life. The deceased woman left a family: a husband and two sons.

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