Sharjah in August: scorching desert sun

United Arab Emirates — it is an ultra-modern oasis in the middle of the Arabian desert, a country of luxury and wealth, sandy beaches and comfortable hotels. Sharjah is one of the most popular emirates for holidays. The second largest city in the UAE attracts family tourists and lovers of a calm, measured holiday.

The emirate has warm weather all year round. But if in the countries of our tourists the most favorable season for recreation — summer, it is comfortable here in the cooler season. If you are not afraid of the Arabian sun and have purchased a tour to Sharjah for August, we recommend that you read the useful tips of the Kid Passage before your trip.

Sharjah in August: blazing desert sun

Holidays in Sharjah in August: the advantages and disadvantages of the resort

It is quite difficult to make an unambiguous opinion about whether it is comfortable in the emirate at the end of summer, since there are both negative and positive reviews about holidays in Sharjah in the network August. Moreover, there are definitely more minuses than pluses.

Among the positivesaspects noted by travelers — an abundance of fruit and a reduced cost of recreation. August — a fruitful month, so markets and supermarkets are overflowing with ripe, delicious fruits and vegetables.

As for the prices for tourist services, at the end of summer they are lower than at other times of the year. But when compared with other neighboring countries popular for recreation, the UAE remains an expensive resort even in the low season.

And this is how Sharjah disappoints its foreign guests in August:

  • Heatwave. During the day, the thermometer often exceeds +40 ° C. Even at night you can not do without air conditioning.
  • The sea is too warm. The water in the Persian Gulf warms up so much that it is not refreshing at all. If for kids the water temperature of +35 °C is comfortable and pleasant, because you can not go ashore for hours, then for adults such swimming does not give much pleasure.
  • A large number of tourists. Despite the fact that summer is the low season in the United Arab Emirates, people come here throughout the year. Sharjah is always crowded, regardless of the season.

Most vacations are spent in air-conditioned rooms. Due to the intense heat, visiting the beach is limited to morning and evening hours, the period for excursions is also noticeably shorter than at other times of the year.

Sharjah weather in August

The peak of solar activity occurs in the UAE in the middle and end of summer. Weather in Sharjah in August — September is still quite hot, but with each week of autumn the temperature drops noticeably lower.

The weather in early August tests tourists for strength. It is in the first decade of the month that record high temperatures are set. This is the most dangerous period for health, when it is very easy to get sunburned and get sunstroke.

The temperature in Sharjah in mid-August remains consistently high. Guests of the emirate will not see clouds in the sky and will not catch even a short rain. Although a little rainfall would only benefit not only tourists and citizens, but also the local flora.

The weather in Sharjah at the end of August is unchanged: the resort is sunny and unbearably hot. Sometimes sandstorms are possible, but they do not bring much discomfort.

Air and water temperature

The hot desert climate of Sharjah creates ideal conditions in late autumn and spring, but makes summer unbearable and exhausting. People who do not tolerate heat well or have health problems should avoid visiting the UAE during a hot period. Tourists with small children are also not recommended to come in August.

Air temperature in Sharjah in August

During the day, the average temperature in Sharjah in August is +40.9 °C. You can not hope for the saving night coolness. At night, the thermometer drops only to +33.1 °C. Considering such nuances, air conditioners are installed in any public place in the city, including transport stops.

Water temperature in the sea

Most vacationers prefer to swim in chilled pools. This is not at all surprising, since the water temperature in the Persian Gulf reaches an average of +33.3 °C. At lunchtime, there are very few vacationers on the beaches of Sharjah, the main influx of bathers occurs in the morning and evening, when there is no strong heat.

In August, the jellyfish season begins. Watch your step carefully.


Summer — the driest period in the country, where in other seasons there is extremely little rain. By the way, the locals do not see snow here at all. The average rainfall is 0.6 mm. The number of rainy days is zero.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

100% of the days in August are sunny. Sunglasses — necessary attribute of rest.  Cloudy weather at the resort — a rare phenomenon, cloudy — and an exception at all.

Beach holidays in Sharjah

Sharjah in August: the scorching sun of the desert

The coastline of Sharjah is 16 km, there are not so many beaches. Most hotels have private swimming areas, but if desired, tourists can also visit municipal beaches. Consider three of the city's most famous beach destinations.

Al Corniche

“Al Cornish” is the most spacious beach in Sharjah, so there is enough space for everyone, despite the large number of tourists. The beach is separated from the city by palm trees, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but also provide a lot of shade, as well as isolate from city noise and pollution. The entrance to the sea is smooth and gentle, but in some places there are undercurrents. Dangerous areas are marked with warning signs.

On the beach you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, for the convenience of visitors there are showers and toilets. There are many cafes on the territory where it is nice to have a bite or drink a refreshing cocktail.

«Al Khan»

On weekdays it is not crowded here, tourists enjoy a calm, quiet rest. “Al Khan” — clean and well-groomed territory, which is perfect for families with children. The beach infrastructure is well developed, there are all the attributes for a comfortable stay. Lifeguards monitor the safety of visitors. At Al Khan there is a water entertainment rental and a playground.


The free sandy beach pleases with a clear sea and a gentle bottom, but disappoints with a large number of vacationers. There are many visitors here: in order to take a good place in the shade, you need to come early in the morning. It is worth noting that there is no rent for sunbeds and umbrellas, you will have to take a blanket with you. Nearby there are several cafes and free parking.

Sightseeing holidays in Sharjah

Sharjah in August: the scorching sun of the desert

Sharjah is called the cultural capital of the UAE. The city has many historical sights and interesting museums. There are also enough shopping and entertainment centers here.

In early August, you can’t really take a walk in the open air during the day, but in the evening the weather allows you to get to know the city. The most popular place for walking is Buharia Corniche

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It is nice to walk under palm trees, go to local shops to buy souvenirs for family and friends. All the main sights of the emirate are located near the waterfront, so after a leisurely walk, take a look at one of the city's museums.

To feel the spirit of the East, visit the Museum of Islamic Civilization. The exposition consists of six parts: Abu Bakr Gallery, which presents models of buildings in the oriental style, Al-Khaifam Gallery, whose exhibits illustrate the development of local science, a collection of household items from different eras , artifacts of the 13th & ndash;XIX centuries, Muslim sights of the 20th century and a collection of coins.

In late August, you can hide from the heat in the house of Sheikh Said bin Hamed al-Qasimi. The residence of the ex-ruler is now open to tourists. In addition to elements of unprecedented luxury, tourists will see archaeological finds, ancient household items and other interesting exhibits. The house has an observation deck from where you can see the city park and mangroves.

But what places young guests of the emirate will like:

  • Al-Qasba entertainment center


  • Adventureland
  • Aquarium
  • Marine Museum
  • Automotive Museum
  • Discovery Center

Holidays, events, festivals

Most holidays in the UAE are religious in nature. Since the dates are calculated here according to the Islamic lunar calendar, every year Muslim events fall on a new date. Tourists practically do not find secular and national holidays in Sharjah in August.

The only “red day of the calendar” at the end of summer — Ascension Day of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan(6 August). The holiday is widely celebrated throughout the country. On this day, tourists will see all the delights of oriental flavor, which local residents willingly demonstrate during concerts and at various exhibitions.

In summer, the city hosts the Sharjah Summer Festival, during which sales and entertainment shows are held in shopping centers. Summer Festival — the best time for shopping, as many categories of goods have decent discounts. There are also many cultural events, concerts and master classes for adults and children.

Before you travel, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the calendar of religious holidays, as a number of certain rules apply during this period (for example, you can’t talk and laugh loudly in public places, eat food on the street, etc.). These days are also usually days off, shops and popular sightseeing places are closed.

Prices for holidays in August

Sharjah in August: blazing desert sun

Perhaps the end of summer — the most unpopular time for tourists to visit the UAE. When in most countries the streets are flooded with vacationers, in the emirates — low season. Prices in Sharjah in August are not as high as in other seasons. However, it is worth noting that even in the low season, the cost of holidays in the United Arab Emirates is higher than in some popular resorts at the peak of attendance.

Price of tours

Sharp price hikes in travel agencies are not expected for the whole summer. The cost of a tour to Sharjah in June, July and August remains approximately the same (average cost per person – 470 euros) and is the lowest of the year. Price fluctuations are in the range of 0.5–2%.


Compared to July and September, August is the cheapest month. In September, the cost of air travel increases by 1–5% compared to August prices.


In summer, the cost of hotel accommodation is almost the same for all three months. In July and August, the prices per room per night are the same (65 euros). But in September, guests will find a pleasant surprise in the form of a 10% reduction in cost. In early autumn, guests in Sharjah pay an average of 59 euros per night for a room.

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Meals and transfer

Sharjah in August: the scorching sun of the desert

It would be a real crime to come to Sharjah and not try oriental cuisine. However, if you are not a fan of the exotic, then there are also establishments with a traditional European menu in the emirate.

The cost of lunch in a top-class restaurant starts from 500 dirhams. You can save on a meal in an ordinary cafe, where you will have to pay about 100 dirhams for lunch. There are also many food courts and street food stalls open in the city. A shawarma with a cup of coffee costs about AED 15–25.

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From public transport in Sharjah there are city buses. The fare is paid by the Sayer card, which can be bought at vending machines, ticket kiosks, shops, sometimes from the driver. The card is an electronic wallet that needs to be replenished.

Adults and children pay the same fare — 7 dirhams in cash and 5.5 dirhams if you pay by card. You can get from one point of the emirate to another by minibus. Shuttle taxis Sharjah — these are seven-seater cars that run not only within the city, but also to the nearest resorts (Dubai and Ajman).

Guests of the city also use taxi services, the driver charges 3.5 dirhams during the day and 4 dirhams at night for landing and 1 dirham for every 620 m of travel.

How to dress in Sharjah

Arab sun in August, it is so merciless to vacationers that even the mere thought of warm clothes throws tourists into a fever. However, it is still worth taking a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt with you. In hotels, cafes, shopping centers and even at bus stops, air conditioners are in full swing. It's easier than ever to catch a cold in the summer — just go shopping in a shopping center in a light T-shirt.

Mostly tourists walk here in light summer clothes. T-shirts and t-shirts, shorts and breeches, sundresses and dresses — a great choice for an August holiday in Sharjah.

Sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats in the emirate are not just fashion accessories, but essentials (remember the harsh UAE sun?). Always have a safe tanning lotion on hand.

Don't forget swimsuits, pareos and flip flops. Moreover, beach shoes must be taken: the sand is so hot that it is simply impossible to walk on it barefoot.

Remember that the locals strictly observe Sharia law. Foreign tourists should respect the traditions and rules of Sharjah so as not to run into trouble. Leave miniskirts, plunging dresses, bikinis and other revealing outfits at home.

Recommendations for families with children

Sharjah in August: the scorching sun of the desert

After analyzing all the pros and cons, evaluating the features of the August holiday in Sharjah, we can conclude that the end of summer — the most unfavorable time for rest. The heat is so exhausting on the street that even adults can hardly endure it, what then to talk about a fragile children's body.

  • Vacation with children in Sharjah: Kidpassage tips

With children, it is best to come here in the off-season. But if you still decide to come to Sharjah in August, then follow the safety rules: do not leave the hotel without a hat, a bottle of water and a layer of protective cream on your skin. Heatstroke and severe sunburn can turn a long-awaited vacation into a disaster, but with all the precautions you can avoid such a scenario.

In the UAE, tourists find themselves in an oriental fairy tale. Those who read Kidpassage's article “10 Interesting Facts About the United Arab Emirates” definitely put this country on the list of places to visit.

Summer heat, of course, causes discomfort, but Sharjah's unique advantages offset climate disadvantages . The aromas of spices and the amazing taste of Turkish delight, the quiet whisper of the waves of the Persian Gulf and the endless yellow sea of ​​u200bu200bthe desert, the majestic view of ancient mosques and modern skyscrapers — all this remains with tourists for a long time in the treasury of pleasant memories and photo albums.


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