Shocking rise in prices in Turkey for Russians: history has never known such a jump

Shocking rise in prices in Turkey for Russians: history has never known such a jump

Demand from Russians who want to wait out “geopolitical turmoil” in Turkey, led to a shocking fourfold increase in rental prices in popular resort cities – such a jump in prices history has not yet known. Prices are skyrocketing in Istanbul. These statistics were presented by the Turkish media. However, as they note, Turkey is not the only one who intends to “collect cream” from this sudden demand.

“According to Just Real Prime Broker, demand from Russians for rental housing in Antalya and Alanya has increased by about four times. And the rent, which used to be about 200-600 dollars, has increased by 2-3 times in some studio apartments in Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum and Fethiye to 1000-1500 dollars a month,” Turkish publications say. At the same time, it is noted that there is already a clear lack of offers, which makes it difficult to find an apartment for rent. Moreover, a significant part of the landlords already require an advance payment for an apartment for at least six months – i.е. for the entire duration of the residence permit, which can provide rented housing.

Turkish media emphasize that this situation has developed not only in Turkey. In Armenia and Georgia, where the Russians, frightened by the special operation and sanctions, also rushed en masse, prices increased by about 1.5 times. And the lowest rent in Tbilisi for the month increased by 30-50% compared to February, and reaches $450-500.

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