Spain rubs its hands: the country is sure that they will lure all tourists from Turkey

Spain rubs its hands: the country is sure that they will lure all tourists from Turkey

The current geopolitical upheavals are capable of redrawing the map of tourist flows no worse than the “Arab Spring”. And with high chances, Spain, as the most remote point in Europe from the conflict situation, can win a significant number of tourists from Turkey, for example. This opinion is voiced by European analysts.

“The situation can benefit the tourist industry in Spain – even compared to other Mediterranean destinations. However, it will also make Turkey more aggressive in terms of prices in the European market,” analysts say. In Spain, the predictions are as follows: The Spanish Valencian Association of Hoteliers and Tour Operators (HOSBEC) said in a statement that Spain's geographic remoteness from Ukraine's borders could benefit it in the long term.

However, Turkey also has strong trumps, says José Luis Tunis, president of the Spanish Association of Inbound Travel Agencies (AAVRCD) and commercial director of Viajes Olympia. According to him, Turkey will urgently need to compensate for the loss of almost 10 million tourists and familiar markets. And, although Turkey is much closer to today's “point of tension” than Spain, Turkey has something to offer European tourists. “Turkey will be more actively promoted in the markets of European countries, primarily in Germany. There will be very intense aggressive competition between resort destinations to capture these markets, factors such as high quality of service, low cost and safety will influence. At the same time, it must be remembered that we cannot compete with the Turks on prices,” the Spanish expert said.

However, Spain is encouraged by the experience of the “Arab Spring” – in the period from 2010 to 2012, tourists who previously vacationed in Arab countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, etc. massively “migrated” to Spain: “Given this example, we can definitely say that in any situation of tension, tourists are looking for safe and as far away places as possible.” And, as Spanish experts add, at the moment in Spain “the risk for tourists is at the lowest level compared to other competing destinations such as Turkey.”

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