Spain surrendered: the most annoying restriction was lifted in the country

Spain has surrendered: the most annoying restriction has been lifted in the country

From Wednesday, April 20, the most annoying law of the “covid era” will be canceled for tourists in Spain, as well as for local residents: there are more masks may not be worn in most areas. Mandatory mask mode, as tourists are warned, will remain only in public transport. In all other places, including hotels, restaurants and shops, wearing is only recommended.

Experts say that the abolition of the “mask regime” “marks one of the most emblematic moments of the pandemic in Spain”, as the rest Covid-19 restrictions such as quarantine, curfews, medical passes, etc. are a thing of the past.

However, tourists are reminded where masks remain mandatory:

  • All healthcare facilities , including pharmacies, dentists and hospitals;
  • All public transport, including planes, buses, trains, subways, taxis and ferries.

Also to tourists, as well as to local residents, health authorities have advised “use common sense and caution”, recommending that masks continue to be worn in poorly ventilated or crowded areas.

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