St. Petersburg and the Tyumen region signed a cooperation agreement

On March 16, within the framework of the XXVIII Moscow International Tourism Exhibition MITT-2022 in Moscow, an agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism between St. Petersburg and the Tyumen region was signed.

The document was signed by the Chairman of the Tourism Development Committee Sergey Korneev and Director of the Department of Consumer Market and Tourism of the Tyumen Region Maria Trofimova.

The agreement provides for the strengthening of interregional cooperation in the development of the industry, the creation of favorable conditions for the mutual increase in the tourist flow, joint promotion of products and programs in the field of hospitality.

“As part of the implementation of the agreement, we are planning joint cross-marketing activities, conducting information campaigns to mutually promote tourism opportunities in our regions. We are also negotiating with federal tour operators to organize charter flights this year, which will make travel more accessible and regions closer to each other. St. Petersburg is ready to offer educational excursions to famous sights, show new tourist sites: public and creative spaces, points of gastronomic attraction – everything interesting that is actively created in the city by industry professionals, complementing the classic routes,” said the Chairman of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee Sergey Korneev.

The agreement provides for consulting support in travel planning with the possibility of purchasing electronic tickets, online payment for cultural, educational, entertainment, transport and other services in the regions. Mutual assistance is also planned in the professional training and advanced training of industry personnel, participation in the development of tourism for the older generation, children's, youth, family and other types of tourism. An important aspect is the agreement on the exchange of legal information and statistical data.

“We have been cooperating with St. Petersburg for a long time, we have repeatedly held road shows in the territories of our regions. Now it's time to launch bigger projects. The signed agreement is a joint recognition of our future plans, an important part of which will be the launch of the charter program. Residents of the Tyumen region are active travelers and lovers of cultural and educational tourism. Our joint efforts will allow us to get richer and more interesting tourist products, increase the capacity of the tourist flow, open up new destinations in Siberia for the residents of St. Petersburg, and show the residents of the Tyumen region a new St. Petersburg,” said the Director of the Department of Consumer Market and Tourism of the Tyumen Region Maria Trofimova.

The next events will take place next month. A series of marketing presentations will cover nine cities in Siberia. From April 11 to April 14, the Tourism Development Committee will present proposals by St. Petersburg in Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, and in the second half, from April 26 to 29, presentations will be held in Tyumen, Khanty-Mansiysk, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk. The number of proposals from St. Petersburg for the Tyumen region will be expanded compared to previous road shows. Leading representatives of the hospitality industry of the Northern capital – travel agencies, sanatoriums, hotels, museums, public spaces and other cultural institutions – take part in the formation of programs.

Note that St. Petersburg and the cities of the Tyumen region have many historical relationships. So, for example, Tobolsk became the first city after St. Petersburg, where Peter I allowed stone construction. Both regions are associated with the fate of many famous personalities – Rasputin, Mendeleev, the Decembrists.


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