Starry nights in Busan

Busan is the second largest city and the largest port of Korea, surrounded by the sea

Busan Starry Nights

Busan Starry Nights

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Busan – the second largest city and the largest port of Korea, surrounded by the sea. Busan is equally beautiful day and night. In particular, walking around Busan at night, when numerous lights illuminate the surroundings with bright light, will allow you to feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the city. As part of the Busan Night Tourism Campaign, Busan Starry Nights this time we will tell you about various observation decks and places with a panoramic view of the night lights of the city, where you can, including water sports.

The maritime city of Busan has 7 beaches, where you can enjoy various water sports, especially in summer, while admiring the magnificent night scenery. Business card of Busan – night view of the residential complex Marine City, immersed in a myriad of lights at dusk. The view of the multi-storey buildings, the Gwanan-daegyo bridge and the yachts floating on the surface of the water is simply amazing. A boat trip on a yacht, available at reasonable prices, will allow you to see Dongbaekseom Island, Haeundae Beach, Gwangan-daegyo Bridge and other attractions of Busan up close. Don't forget to take a souvenir photo against the backdrop of the colorful lights of the Marine City complex.

Kwanalli Beach – one of the most exotic places in Busan with an emerald-colored sea and a beautiful coastline. Stand-up paddle boarding is available here. This entertainment is popular among young people, and you can try it immediately after completing the basic briefing. Stand-up paddleboarding is possible at Gwanalli Beach at sunset, when the sea is lit up with golden light and the city gradually plunges into darkness. After an active time, we recommend that you look into one of the waterfront bars and enjoy a glass of cool beer.

Tadepo Beach, located where the mouth of the Nakdong River meets the sea, has a mysterious charm. Thanks to the moderate water temperature and shallow depth, you can simply swim here, as well as enjoy water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing and kiteboarding. Particularly mesmerizing views open during sunset, when the evening sun floods the coast with red light. Nearby is a fountain, where a colorful singing fountain show is organized under the light of night lights.

Ponnaesan Mountains, located at an altitude of 395 meters above sea level, are especially famous for easy trekking routes for walking. The trails, passing along a fairly gentle slope, allow you to leisurely walk to the very top, enjoying beautiful views of the sea in the Yongdo area. Landscapes of indescribable beauty are expected, especially in spring, when hydrangeas are in full bloom. Somewhere in the middle, the path splits into forest and wooden walking paths, which are equally pleasant to walk along, but more panoramic views still await you while walking along the second path. At the top of the mountain, there are two observation decks from where you can see the Namhan-taegyo bridge and Busanhan-taegyo.


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