Study: where Russians will rest in the summer of 2022

Analysts from travel planning service OneTwoTrip analyzed early bookings for plane and train tickets, as well as hotel bookings for the summer period. It turned out that trips will be made mainly in Russia, and Moscow, Sochi and St. Petersburg became the most popular cities.

Study: where Russians will vacation in the summer of 2022

Air orders

The majority of all air bookings, or 89%, with departures from June to August are issued to domestic destinations (last summer, the share was 98%). Most often, travelers purchase tickets to Moscow (18.2% of all air orders in Russia), Sochi (15.6%) and St. Petersburg (10.7%). The top 10 destinations also include Simferopol (6.7%), Kaliningrad (4.3%), Mineralnye Vody (3.9%), Makhachkala (3.3%), Ufa (2.2%), Yekaterinburg ( 2.1%) and Krasnodar (1.9%).

Among foreign countries, Armenia (18.7% of all bookings abroad), Turkey (16%) are currently in the greatest demand , Kyrgyzstan (14.5%), Kazakhstan (3.8%) and Greece (3.4%). In addition, Russians place orders with Azerbaijan (3.3%), Tajikistan (3%), Israel (2.9%), Italy (2.4%) and Georgia (2.2%).

< p>Compared to last year and early bookings for the summer, the demand for flights to Sochi (+35%), Kaliningrad (+40%), Mineralnye Vody (+70%), Makhachkala (+100%), Yekaterinburg (+20%) has grown ). The decrease in demand is noticeable in directions to both capitals (-15% for Moscow and -10% for St. Petersburg), to Simferopol (-40%) and Krasnodar (-50%).

Average ticket price in Russia one way per person is 7,700 rubles for the next summer season, and 15,000 rubles for international destinations.

The largest number of bookings with children – 27% – are issued with a departure in July.


Rail Orders

Most often, the service's customers now book train tickets to both capitals: 20.6% of orders are issued to Moscow, and 12% to St. Petersburg). Sochi is in third place (8.2%), Simferopol is in fourth (3.6%), and Anapa is in fifth (3.6%). In addition, Krasnodar (2.3%), Novorossiysk (2.2%), Rostov-on-Don (2.2%), Kazan (1.6%) and Nizhny Novgorod (1.2%) are in demand.

Compared to early bookings of train tickets last year, in 2022 there is a noticeable increase in interest in traveling to Moscow (the share of destinations increased by 20%), the popularity of Simferopol increased by 45%, Novorossiysk and Rostov-on-Don – by 40 %, Krasnodar – by 35%. Sochi is still interested in 10% less travelers who prefer to travel by train, Anapa – by 20%, and Kazan – by 5%.

The average price of a train ticket per person for the summer season is 4,400 rubles.

Traveling by train with children is most active in August (44% of such bookings).

Hotel bookings

Russians are already thinking not only about tickets, but also looking at hotels, booking those that meet the greatest number of their requirements. In the top cities where accommodation orders have already been placed, St. Petersburg is in first place (15.6%), Moscow is in second (8.8%), and Adler is in third (5.3%). In addition, hotels in Kazan (3.4%) and Estosadka (2.6%) are actively booked.

So far, travelers most often choose accommodation without stars (they account for 35% of bookings): these are guest houses, apartments, etc. 28% of bookings in three-star hotels, 26% in four-star hotels, 6% in five-star hotels, and 5% in one- or two-star categories.

accommodation lasting from 4 to 7 nights (39%), for one night they book in 25% of the case, for 2-3 nights – in 17%. 16% of travelers will stay in the city for 8-14 days, and 3% of customers have already planned long summer holidays (from 15 days).


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