Summer hell came unexpectedly: in Egypt, tourists were covered with a heat of + 41 ° C

Summer heat came unexpectedly: in Egypt, tourists were covered with heat at +41°C

hot” weather: in some regions it will rise to +38 and even up to +41°C and above. Basically, this, however, concerns the cities of the excursion program in the very south of Egypt, but in the resorts of the Red Sea, the temperature is already “rolling over” for + 30-35 degrees.

The Egyptian Meteorological Office has promised “very hot” weather in Upper Egypt, and “hot” weather in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and South Sinai. In particular, +32 degrees are expected in Cairo. It is even hotter in those cities that tourists visit on “ancient Egyptian” excursions – +40 degrees are expected in Luxor and Abu Simbel, and even + 41 ° C in Aswan.

As for the resorts, then in Sharm- El Sheikh on Monday, tourists are promised +33 degrees during the day and 24°C at night. In Hurghada + 34 ° C during the day and + 23 ° C at night, in the “neighboring” Marsa Alam – about 33-22 degrees.

At the same time, hot weather in the resorts will last all week – in Hurghada on Wednesday they promise heat up to + 36 ° C, and on average it is expected not lower than + 30 ° C. Water in the sea – +23 degrees. In Sharm el-Sheikh – also the heat of +32-34 degrees will last all week. Tourists are traditionally warned about a high index of solar activity and urged not to forget about sun protection.

According to the forecast, the heat will subside only by next week. But even then, the weather will remain summer – it will be + 26-28 ° C in the resorts.

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