Sun, sea and sand – forget about them: Bali decided to change the basis of tourism

Sun, sea and sand - forget about them: Bali decided to change the basis of tourism

Indonesian authorities are planning to attract “winterers” and “digital nomads”, as well as “spiritual tourists” to Bali instead of ordinary beach tourists. Now they say in Bali: sun, sea and sand – forget about them. The reason, however, is quite practical – the island relies on tourists who are distinguished by longer stays and higher costs. The authorities of the island built such plans even before the covid, but then they were interrupted by the pandemic.

Ecological and “spiritual” tourism, sporting events and a special five-year visa for remote workers should return 3.6 million foreign travelers to Bali when the borders reopened, according to the authorities' plans. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno. This should help create more than 1 million jobs for Indonesians, he added.

“In the past, the three pillars of our tourism were: sun, sea and sand. We look forward to new trends – they will give way to calmness, spirituality and sustainability. This way we get better quality and better impact on the local economy,” Uno said in an interview with Bloomberg. He recalled that Bali has lifted most of its travel restrictions and the number of tourist arrivals jumped 500% to 111,000 in April, the highest monthly figure since the pandemic.

“Easier visa processing and more frequent flights should help the country lure employees from global companies that allow their people to work from anywhere. About 95% of digital nomads surveyed said that Indonesia, especially Bali, is their 'top' place for remote work and they are willing to travel,” Mr. Uno also added. He recalled that the ministry had been considering providing a special visa for remote workers and business travelers from early 2021, but the plan was once again thwarted by the coronavirus resurgence, strict border controls and lack of flights. The visa will allow its holders to remain tax-free for five years if they do not receive their income in Indonesia.

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