Sunny Beach in May: on the threshold of the Bulgarian summer

 The bright and sunny Bulgarian resort is beautiful in May: the already warm, but still spring-like fresh sea air allows you to feel an incredible surge of vivacity, and flowerbeds and trees fragrant with the smell of blooming flowers fill the heart with quiet delight, mixed with some completely incredible festive mood.

Tourists who come to Sunny Beach in May will be rewarded with a leisurely rest with walks along the embankment, the first sea tan and the opening of the swimming season.

Vacations in Sunny Beach in May: the pros and cons of traveling

By the end of spring, the resort finally wakes up after the winter calm: cafes and restaurants open their doors to arriving visitors, the beaches no longer look so deserted, and the Bulgarian sun warms the air more and more diligently.

Reviews about holidays in Sunny Beach in May are negative in case of cool weather or rainy days. Otherwise, the resort is dearly loved by young people and parents with kids – the sea is clean, the climate is mild, and the prices are affordable. To name a few more of the advantages of traveling in May and on the May holidays.

  • Incredibly juicy and fresh spring landscapes simply invite you to admire nature and take endless walks. They will be comfortable both for parents with children and for older people: there is no heat, and in the evening it is completely cool.
  • At the end of spring comes the season of figs – This is the time when the harvest is being harvested. This fruit here is especially sweet and delicious. By mid-May, the first local strawberries also ripen, and by the end of – especially large and sweet Bulgarian cherries.
  • Prices for holidays in May are still low. The cost of tours and tickets is just starting to rise and will not peak until August, so you have a great opportunity to organize a budget trip.

May trip has some cons. We will tell you about them so that you can optimally plan your trip by choosing the best time for it.

  • The weather in May is quite cool – night temperature is kept mainly at +12 & ndash; 16 ° С, during the day the air warms up to +21 ° С. So an active beach holiday is possible only by the end of May.
  • The water in the sea is also not warmed up yet and is not very comfortable for swimming. The swimming season opens only at the end of the month, and if you plan to relax with a baby, it is better to wait until June – July, when the water is warm enough.

The weather in Sunny Beach in May

By the end of spring, the weather in the resort stabilizes compared to the previous two months, when it was quite windy and cool, and the air temperature was not constant. Weather in May – June is warm, comfortable for both walking and sunbathing.

The weather in early May is still cool, especially in the evenings and at night. During the day, the air warms up to + 20 & ndash; 21 ° С, although there are also slight cold snaps when the thermometers drop by 4 & ndash; 5 degrees.

Daytime temperatures in Sunny Beach in mid-May can rise to +24…25°C, allowing you to change windbreakers and jeans for shorts and T-shirts. However, on an evening walk, warm clothes will still come in handy: nighttime temperatures can drop to +12 ° C, making the evenings quite cool.

The weather in Sunny Beach at the end of May cannot be called hot either, although the thermometers can show around +26 ° С. By the evening it gets a little colder, you still can’t do without a jacket for a walk. Truly summer warmth will be established only in June.

Air and water temperatures

The mild climate of the Black Sea, under the influence of which Sunny Beach is located, does not allow even summer heat to break out, and the end of spring and completely refreshing with a touch of pleasant warmth, sometimes pampering with an increase in daytime temperatures up to +25 °C.

Air temperature in Sunny Beach in May

The average daily temperature in Sunny Beach in May is +20.6 °C, and the nighttime – about +12.7 °C. Evening walks this month require warm clothes, especially if you are traveling with children. But during the day the weather can be conducive to sunbathing, by the end of May – and swimming.

Water temperature in Sunny Beach in May

The beach season in the resort is just beginning: the coast is gradually filled with vacationers, and the sun slowly warms the sea surface, so that by the beginning of summer you can safely plunge into relaxation in every sense. The average water temperature in the Black Sea in May is +16.5 °С, the water warms up well only by the summer.


Rain on this the resort usually does not spoil the rest – they are practically never lingering and do not have time to get bored. The total amount of precipitation per month in May is 49.8 mm, and there are no more than five rainy days.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

The length of daylight hours by the end of spring increases to 14.1-15.1 hours. The resort enjoys the sun for 19–21 days (65% of the number of days of the month), with variable cloudiness about 7–8 days (25% of all days of the month), it is cloudy only 2–3 days (10% of the total number of days).

Beach break

Sunny Beach in May: on the threshold of Bulgarian summer

The high season has not yet arrived, but the beaches of Sunny Beach are not empty. They are gradually filled with vacationers, wanting to get an even May tan, walk along the edge of the sea, and by the end of the month and plunge into the still refreshing, but already pleasant waves of the Black Sea.

The beaches at the resort have been awarded the “Blue Flag” more than once; EU for cleanliness. So don't worry – you will rest here in comfort. The entire coast of Sunny Beach is municipally owned, so admission is free. But you will have to pay for the use of sunbeds and umbrellas.

The resort's central beach – this is the center of the tourist life of Sunny Beach. There is no silence here, there is no shortage of vacationers, the infrastructure is excellently developed, and you can find everything you need for a comfortable stay. Hotels are separated from the coast by a walking area.

The sea here is very clean, with a gentle entrance, and along the line of the beach – fine golden sand. The place is perfect for relaxing with kids.

Cocoa Beach is called the Bulgarian Ibiza, and it is known throughout the Black Sea coast.

Located nearby the club of the same name guarantees excellent beach parties and the opportunity to have fun until the early morning with performances by the best DJs.

The sea here is also clean, the entrance is gentle, the coast is sandy. The beach area is quite large, it is divided into paid and free zones. In the free one, only sunbeds and umbrellas are paid, and in the paid one, you can order food and drinks directly to the sun lounger.

Sightseeing holidays in Sunny Beach

The absence of heat at the end of spring only plays into the hands of tourists, those wishing to get to know the city better and those who love outdoor activities. Walks will be comfortable, and trips to attractions can be planned for almost any time – there will be no heat even at noon. Let's name a few places where you can enjoy going with the whole family.

  • Best things to do in Sunny Beach for kids

Camel Park

Sunny Beach in May: on the threshold of the Bulgarian summer

Not far from Sunny Beach there is a unique park where on a large well-groomed territory you can ride camels with your children, feed them, see other animals and frolic on the playground. The kids will be offered a ride on a pony or a donkey, and at the exit they will be pleased with a photo surprise. You can relax in a cafe with an open area, and buy a souvenir trinket in the souvenir shop. The excursion will perfectly fit into the program of the trip in early May, when pleasant warmth is felt in the air, and not the heavy summer heat.

Luna Park

Sunny Beach in May: on the threshold of the Bulgarian summer

A favorite place for all children who come to relax on the Bulgarian coast, it is a must to visit and will please not only kids, but also older children and even adults.

On the territory of the amusement park, you can ride a roller coaster, shoot at a shooting range, ride an amazing carousel in the form of a spinning plate and tickle your nerves on the Booster ride. For kids, trips are provided on the “Caterpillar” or a train, riding mini-rides and colorful carousels. Here, the whole family can arrange fun races on a specially equipped circuit.

An excursion to the amusement park will be an excellent point in the recreation program in mid-May. True, you may not be limited to one visit.

Opening hours of the park – usually from 10:00 to 21:00. However, it is better to check it before the trip. Entrance to the park is free, attractions are paid separately.

  • Sunny Beach Luna Park: photos, author's description
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    Action Aquapark

    Sunny Beach in May: on the threshold of the Bulgarian summer

    If you came to rest at the end of May, then there will be at least one more objects to visit – by this time, the largest and most popular water park on the Black Sea coast begins to operate. Gorgeous landscaping, a variety of water activities, extreme slides, “slow river”, super high speed and free fall slides – there is nothing here!

    Here you can also visit a mini-zoo, eat and even celebrate a holiday with invited guests. In addition, the entrance for the birthday boy from 2 to 8 years – free, with a discount for groups.

    • Action Waterpark: opening hours, ticket prices

    For visiting with children we also recommend:

    • Aqua Paradise
    • pirate schooner (entertainment)
    • karting center
    • boat tour
    • South Park (Nessebar)

    Holidays, events, festivals

    Sunny Bulgaria at the end of spring will delight you not only with good weather, pleasant spring warmth and the first tan. Holidays in Sunny Beach in May will allow you to get acquainted with the culture of this country, feel its national flavor and just have fun with the Bulgarians themselves.

    Labor DayMay 1st is celebrated in many European countries, and Bulgaria is no exception in this case. Traditionally, this is a public holiday, when rallies are held throughout the country, and concerts and festive fireworks are organized in the main city squares.

    The next holiday has several names and special traditions – On May 6 Bulgaria celebrates Army Day, or Day of Courage. On this day, George the Victorious is honored, who was not only a defending warrior, but also the patron of shepherds and their livestock.

    In neighboring Pomorie, a festive service is being held in the church of St. George, and a large fair is unfolding nearby with performance of folk groups from all over the country.

    Prices for holidays in May

    At the end of spring, the resort is still not hot and not very expensive yet. Prices in Sunny Beach in May are just getting ready for the summer season and even decrease compared to the previous month to start a steady growth in June. So tourists have a great opportunity to relax on a budget and breathe in the fresh spring sea air.

    Price of tours

    The cost of tours practically does not change for several months. So, by the beginning of summer, the rise in prices is only 3%, and in May they remain at the level of April. The tour operator will definitely make an additional discount if you book a ticket in advance.


    The price of air tickets in May decreases by 8% compared to April and rises only by the beginning of summer. So why not take advantage of the situation and spend the May holidays by the Black Sea?


    The average price per person per night also becomes significantly lower by May: from 111 euros to 45 euros, which is 60%. That is why the last month of spring – quite a convenient time to travel.

    • Family hotels in Sunny Beach

    Meals and transfers

    Sunny Beach in May: on the threshold of the Bulgarian summer

    Bulgarian cuisine was formed under the influence of neighboring Greece and Turkey, and therefore in the dishes you will find a noticeable similarity with the cuisines of these countries. Be sure to try the traditional Bulgarian pastry – Banitsa – puff pastry pie stuffed with cheese, as well as moussaka borrowed from the Greeks and Turkish kebabche.

    Going for lunch or dinner to local cafes and restaurants, remember: portions here can be huge, one is enough to eat for two. So read the menu – the weight of the dishes is indicated there.

    Dinner for two will cost about 35 levs, cheaper in a local cafe – about 25–35 lv. You can drink a cappuccino for 2 & ndash; 2.5 levs, try the popular doner – for BGN 4, and a slice of pizza will cost about BGN 1.5.

    • What to try in Sunny Beach: an overview of traditional dishes and prices in resort cafes and restaurants

    Public transport in the resort is represented by buses, which provide not only urban communication, but also trips between nearby cities. There are enough bus stops around the city, the fare is inexpensive, and transport runs frequently. The fare can be paid directly to the driver.

    Recommendations for holidays with children

    May traveling with children can be a great option for a family pastime. However, keep in mind that you most likely will not be able to swim and sunbathe throughout the month. By the sea it can be quite fresh, and the water is not warmed up yet.

    • Holidays with children in Sunny Beach: Kidpassage tips

    Therefore, if you do not plan to swim, but can be content with walking, a trip in May will suit you. If you want to warm your baby after a cold winter and let him splash in the sea without limit, choose the end of June – beginning of September. Also, don't forget that warm clothes will come in handy for evening walks.

    Resting with older children, you can devote time to trips to nearby cities, walks along the promenade and parks, visits to an amusement park and camel rides. You definitely won’t be bored, and by the end of the month, you may be able to swim and even get a tan. How and where can you spend time with your child in Sunny Beach – read in our selection.

    We hope that the tips and recommendations of this article will help you in planning your vacation and drawing up a holiday program. We wish you unforgettable experiences and the best moments next to your loved ones on the sunny Bulgarian coast. 


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