Sunny Beach in September: warm Bulgarian autumn

 Although the velvet season belongs to the autumn period, it can be called the fourth month of summer. The weather remains the same warm and sunny, beach holidays are available in almost all seaside resorts, but prices are starting to gradually decrease. And there are much fewer people in hotels and on the beaches, because the school year has begun, all schoolchildren and students have gone home.

Many people like to spend their holidays in September. However, the question often arises: where to go in early autumn? An excellent option would be Bulgaria, the main advantages of which — favorable climate, proximity and affordable prices.

It is recommended to start acquaintance with the country from the largest seaside resort — Sunny Beach. Back in the days of the USSR, the resort was very popular with our tourists, and today it has multiplied it several times. The Kid Passage will tell you about what awaits you in Sunny Beach in September.

Sunny Beach in September: warm Bulgarian autumn

Holidays in Sunny Beach in September: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

The most popular months for holidays are May, June and September . Of course, each of these periods has undeniable advantages. But if in May and the first half of June beach holidays are not yet available, then in September tourists receive a “full package”; services, including warm sea.

After analyzing the reviews about holidays in Sunny Beach in September, we can conclude that the first autumn month — one of the most favorable periods for holidays in Bulgaria. Those who had a chance to relax here in early autumn note the following plusesof the trip:

  • the number of tourists is declining, which means that with places in hotels, on excursions and beaches no problem;
  • Affordable holiday prices get even lower towards the end of the season;
  • September — harvest period, at this time of the year there are a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables in the markets and shops;
  • The Black Sea pleases with warm water, it is pleasant to swim throughout the month;
  • there are warm beautiful days, the Bulgarian sun provides the guests of the resort with a beautiful and even tan;
  • the resort infrastructure is fully functional, but already in October the number of beach and tourist attractions is reduced.

Good news: near Sunny Beach in September there are practically no flaws. Among the numerous comments of experienced tourists, there are very few negative reviews and remarks.

Weather in Sunny Beach in September

Weather in Sunny Beach in September — October is favorable for rest. Sometimes resort guests swim in the sea until mid-October. Precipitation during this time is possible, but unlikely. Mostly the weather remains sunny.

The weather in early September does not yet make adjustments to the tourist season — the hot sun and the warm Black Sea are just as active as in summer, attracting tourists to the resort. The days are really summery, so the local beaches are still crowded.

The temperature in Sunny Beach drops a little in mid-September. During the day it is nice to walk around in a T-shirt and shorts, but in the evenings sometimes you want to put on extra clothes.

The weather in Sunny Beach at the end of September is moderately hot, temperatures are much lower than in summer. There are still a lot of bathers on the beach, but the water is already invigorating — the temperature drops to +18–21 °С.

Air and water temperature

The climate of Sunny Beach combines the characteristics of the Mediterranean and temperate continental types. Summer here is dry and warm. Warmth comes to the resort already in the middle of spring, the sea warms up in mid-June.

The local air and water are fresh and clean. The World Health Organization has recognized the climate of Sunny Beach as one of the most favorable for health.

Air temperature in Sunny Beach in September

The average day and night temperature in Sunny Beach in September is +24.7 °C and +17 .4 °C, respectively. If during the day the weather is warm in the resort, then with the onset of twilight, the breath of autumn is clearly felt.

Water temperature in the sea

Beach holidays are still available, but the water temperature drops noticeably. The sea cools down on average to +23.1 °C. By the end of the month, the mercury column drops to +20 °C, so if you want to fully enjoy swimming, it is better to come to Sunny Beach in early September. 


Despite the fact that autumn is traditionally considered the rainy season, there is little precipitation in the resort (about 35.6 mm). The total number of rainy days is only 3. Showers will definitely not overshadow the rest of tourists. 

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Most days in Sunny Beach are sunny. Clear weather occupies 76% of the time of the entire month, which is equivalent to 23 days. Cloudy days make up 14%, cloudy — 10%.  

Beach break

Sunny Beach in September: warm Bulgarian autumn

Sunny Beach is positioned exclusively as a beach resort. Fans of sightseeing holidays are better off choosing neighboring cities for recreation. It is also worth coming here in order to soak up the coast and swim in the warm Black Sea.

The coastline is almost 10 km long and 30-100 m wide. The entire beach is covered with fine yellow sand, the bottom — smooth and gently sloping, the depth increases gradually, so it is quite safe to relax here even with the smallest children. In addition, the beach in Sunny Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag. for cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

There is no clear division into beaches near the coast of Sunny Beach. The most developed infrastructure and the most entertainment — in the central part. The northern and western side is less crowded, but also less civilized.

Entrance toCentral Beachfree, vacationers pay only for the rental of umbrellas and sun loungers. However, there are already much fewer people at the resort than in summer, so there is always a free area where you can stay with your towel. Toilets are also paid. It should be noted that restrooms and changing rooms are located only in the central part of the beach.

There are many entertainments of various formats on the coast. Visitors are offered water transport rental, parasailing, kite surfing, and boat trips. There are even conditions for diving, but the Black Sea is unlikely to surprise you with its underwater world. For children, inflatable slides are installed and paddling pools are equipped. (also only in the center of the beach).

Sightseeing holidays in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach in September: warm Bulgarian autumn

Since the resort is focused on a beach holiday, the excursion program here is not rich. However, despite the lack of sights, guests of the city do not get bored.

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Tourists like walking Jeeps, ATVs and ATVs. The embankment is equipped with a mini-golf course, tennis courts, football and volleyball fields. In early September, even an ordinary evening walk along the embankment will be a great pastime.

If you really want new experiences, then you can go for them to neighboring Nessebar and Sozopol. It is better to book bus tours at the end of September, when the summer heat subsides.

In Nessebar, the old part of the city, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, deserves special attention. Children will love the local camel park and film museum. There is also a water park “Aqua Paradise”, which is perfect for family leisure.

There are several family-oriented places in Sunny Beach:

  • Aquapark Action
  • karting track
  • bowling club
  • luna park

Holidays, events, festivals

Official holidays in Sunny Beach in September not so much, but the resort often organizes entertainment events, competitions and concerts for vacationers.

It is noteworthy that the academic year in Bulgaria does not begin on the first, but on September 15th. This is the first school day in the country, which is also considered First Grader Day.

In the first month of autumn, Bulgarians celebrate two national holidays — Connection Day  (September 6) and Bulgarian Independence Day (September 22). Both are public holidays.  

Prices for holidays in September

Sunny Beach in September: warm Bulgarian autumn

Bulgaria is notable for its affordable cost of rest. Even in the high season, holidays here are cheaper than in other popular resorts. Prices in Sunny Beach in September are already lower than in summer, but have not yet reached their possible minimum.

Price of tours

August — the most expensive month for tour operators. With each autumn month, the cost of tours falls. So, in September vacationers pay 10% less compared to August prices. In October, a tour to a popular Bulgarian resort is also significantly cheaper.


The high season is coming to an end, and therefore airlines are reducing ticket prices. In September, passengers pay 31% less than a month earlier. In October, the cost of the flight drops by another 15%.


During the velvet season, the owners of local hotels reduce the cost of living by 36%. In October, rooms become cheaper by another 35%. So, the average daily cost of living in August is 74 euros, in September — 47 euros, and in October it drops to 35 euros.

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Food and transfer< /h3>

Most local hotels offer guests an all-inclusive food system, but nevertheless, it is worth visiting the city's establishments at least once during your vacation. In Sunny Beach, as in any other resort, the pricing policy of an institution depends on its location. In places where tourists most often gather, as well as directly on the embankment, the cost of dishes will be much more expensive than in cafes far from the sea.

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Mechans — restaurants decorated in national style serving traditional Bulgarian dishes. A three-course lunch and dessert in a mehana and in a middle-class cafe costs about 15-20 levs. In a restaurant for a similar meal you will pay about 35–45 levs.

Pay attention to the weight of the dish. The portions here are very large, and the food — hearty, so one menu item may well be enough for two.

Transportation in Sunny Beach is represented by buses that will take you not only to popular attractions, but also to nearby resorts. The cost depends on the distance. So, you can get to Nessebar for 1.3 levs, and to Burgas — for 8 lv. On average, travel within the city costs about 2 levs, and on intercity routes — BGN 8–10

In September it is nice to explore the resort and its surroundings by bike. Two-wheeled transport is rented for BGN 5 per hour or BGN 25 per day.

How to dress in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach in September: warm Bulgarian autumn

Despite the fact that during the velvet season the weather is still reminiscent of summer, T-shirts and shorts alone are not enough at the resort. In addition to light clothes that are quite comfortable to walk in during the day, put some warm sweaters and jeans in your luggage.

Warm clothes will come in handy during night festivities along the promenade or on a romantic boat trip. This is especially true for those tourists who booked a tour for the last decade of the month.

Do not forget to take a swimsuit, flip flops, pareos and other beachwear. The bathing season in September is still going on. In addition, the resort has a good water park. Be sure to put hats in your suitcase. The intense heat is left behind, but sometimes (more often in the first week of the month) the thermometer still rises to +30 ° C.

Recommendations for families with children

September — a wonderful time to come to Sunny Beach with children. At the beginning of autumn, the resort has created ideal conditions for a family holiday: the intense heat subsided, but the cold snap has not yet come, it is moderately warm and sunny here, and the Black Sea pleases with comfortable water and does not even think of cooling down.

While toddlers enjoy spending whole days at the beach building castles and making Easter cakes, teenagers can get bored due to lack of entertainment. In this case, we recommend going to neighboring resorts, where there are many interesting sights.

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And please yourself with good impressions from Sunny Beach and colorful vacation photos, which you will surely be happy to review in the cold winter. 


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