Surprising figure: Turkey has calculated how many Russian tourists will arrive this summer, despite the special operation in Ukraine

An amazing figure: Turkey has calculated how many Russian tourists will arrive this summer, despite the special operation in Ukraine

Turkey will have to fight to ensure that 2022 does not become another “lost year” for tourism. But in the Russian market, you will have to put up with significant losses – and you will have to look for alternative markets. This opinion of another tourism professional was disseminated by local tourism media. However, the Turks have deduced an amazing figure: they expect that this summer up to 2 million Russian tourists will come to the resorts of Antalya. And this is despite the depreciation of the ruble, problems with air travel and general nervousness in the market because of Ukraine…

We are talking about the assessment of the situation, which was presented by Rekai Chakyr, Chairman of the Board of Sianji Hotels. According to him, the decline in the Russian and Ukrainian markets, which collectively “supply” about 8 million tourists to Turkey, will be more than 5 million in 2022.

Referring to data from the travel analytics company ForwardKeys; the expert recalled that earlier, before the start of the special operation, the number of flight bookings from Russia for March, April and May increased to 32%, with Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the Maldives and Thailand accounting for the most. However, immediately after the start of the special operation, cancellations rained down; Turkey was in third place – only Cyprus and Egypt had more cancellations.

“Our hopes have been replaced by anxiety. We had a very good booking period in terms of early bookings from Europe. It was also supposed to be a very good season with the entry into the market of Russia, Ukraine and the CIS,” he said. But these hopes will not come true, he notes.

“I think that the number of tourists we expect from the markets of Russia and Ukraine from the “pre-crisis” 6-7 million may decrease to 2 million, even if air traffic with Russia will not be interrupted. You can simply not expect tourists from Ukraine,” the expert said.

However, he reassured that “even if there is no Russian market, I think there will be alternative markets instead. “Turkey is a very cheap country with a high quality of service. Although we are in the 6th place in the world in terms of the number of tourists received, this is not the place we deserve. I think we can easily enter the top three,” the Turkish expert assured.

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