Switching roaming with eSIM is easy and economical

The eSIM chip is a special card integrated into the phone for connecting numbers of different mobile operators to it. This is the technology that the world did not immediately accept. Today, many smartphone manufacturers are already experimenting with these features and gradually introducing an integrated SIM. Free space is occupied by other technologies. In Ukraine, you can use the My Kyivstar application to connect the — it's easy to download from the Google Play and App Stores.

Switching roaming with eSIM is easy and economical

Why eSIM — travel technology?

A separate chip built into the phone is able to contain information on five different numbers at once. Switching between them is possible in a few clicks. Therefore, when traveling abroad, it will be as simple as possible to turn on a local card. Benefits of “eSIM” for roaming:

  • save in tariffs;
  • quick switching between profiles without a physical card;
  • smartphone firmware is used instead of a physical card.

For those who travel a lot or visit different countries for work, choosing a smartphone with a built-in SIM card will be more profitable. This significantly reduces time and financial expenses.

It's easy and economical to switch roaming with eSIM

What smartphones have eSIM?

Today, this technology is more in the testing phase in an attempt to see if it is popular with users. However, many leading companies have already launched this feature. Among devices with eSIM support today:

  • iPhone XS to 13 mini;
  • iPad Pro 12.9 to Apple iPad Air;
  • Galaxy S20 to Galaxy Z Flip3;
  • Huawei P40/P40 Pro, ANA-N29, ELS-N29.

Not only smartphones support this technology. The built-in chip is present in Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE.

How to connect Kyivstar eSIM in the application: instructions

If the subscriber does not yet have the “My Kyivstar” application, then it should be installed and authorized via a phone number and SMS confirmation. The whole process is done in a few clicks and is quite simple due to internal prompts.

Here you can replace existing numbers. You just need to go to the “Replace SIM with eSIM” tab. The old card will be deactivated, so all data from it must be transferred.

How to connect new numbers: tips

To purchase new numbers, you should use the services of the store. Procedure:

  1. Select a plan with eSIM support.
  2. Pay for it and get a QR code (an additional device is needed).
  3. On a smartphone with a built-in read the code as a card.
  4. Next, you need to add an eSIM to the device in the phone settings.

The phone itself tells you how to proceed. Therefore, in general, the whole procedure will take up to five minutes.

Switching roaming with eSIM is easy and economical

eSIM — a convenient function for comfort

Up to five profiles can be connected on one device. This feature is convenient for work rooms, and for everyday use, and for those who like to travel. You can switch between operator numbers in the phone settings. You can start using this technology for your own comfort and save time.


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