Thailand's famous system will fall soon

Thailand's famous system will fall soon

Get rid of the system Test & Go and, in general, to simplify the entry of tourists into the country from May 1, the authorities of Thailand are planning. For the admission of tourists, they are planned to be divided into two categories “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”. However, the Thai Pass, the online pre-registration system, will continue. This was reported in the CCSA (Thai analogue of the Operational Headquarters).

The plans are as follows: tourists arriving by air and fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will no longer need to take a PCR test on arrival, effectively canceling the unpopular Test & Go, which required travelers to book a SHA+ hotel for one night of quarantine while waiting for test results. At the same time, tourists – possibly on a recommendation basis – will still be left with a PCR test on the fifth day, which is currently mandatory.

At the same time, the test will not be required and unvaccinated tourists who submitted a negative PCR test within 72 hours before departure through the Thai Pass system will be “equal” with vaccinated tourists. Only those who arrive without a test will be quarantined for 4-5 days.

To overcoming the sea and land border of Thailand – i.e. for tourists, and mainly for guest workers from neighboring countries, the requirements are tougher. Although Thailand is keen to allow “short-term” tourists. Those entering by land will be divided into two categories – “short-term” and “long-term” travelers. Moreover, the first will have more benefits. However, Russian tourists practically do not enter the country via this route.

“Anyone who tests positive should be quarantined for 5 days. We are not sure if they will need to take another test on day 5 before they are allowed to roam freely,” the Thai Operational Headquarters added.

Minimum travel insurance requirements have also been reduced. The required minimum health insurance coverage will be reduced from $20,000 to $10,000.

Restaurateurs are also being made easier: SHA+ registered restaurants will be able to stay open until midnight, and the requirement to stop selling alcohol after 23 – which, however, is ignored by both tourists and locals.

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