Thailand prepares new entry rules for foreign tourists

Thailand is preparing new entry rules for foreign tourists

While most EU countries still maintain covid restrictions for tourists crossing the border, and six European countries have lifted the requirements (details here), Thailand is preparing to exempt foreign tourists from the obligation to present a negative PCR test result entering under the Test & go. Local media cited a statement from the Thai Ministry of Health and said the simplification would make travel cheaper for travelers and relieve the burden on Thai health authorities.

Recall that the Test & Go resumed on February 1 under new conditions and is designed to receive vacationers vaccinated against covid. Upon arrival, travelers must undergo a second PCR test and isolate at a hotel or resort while awaiting laboratory test results, which can take up to one day. On day 5 in Thailand, travelers must take a rapid antigen test.

Health Ministry Secretary Kyattifum Wongjit said officials are set to discuss the appropriateness of the PCR test, which is currently required of tourists before leaving for the kingdom. Thai media added that the authorities are also discussing the reduction of insurance coverage from $20,000 to $10,000, which the authorities had previously doubled due to the risks associated with covid. Before the cost-effective and convenient PCR test rule goes into effect, it must be approved by the Covid-19 Situation Management Center, which will hold a general meeting this Friday and is expected to discuss a number of topics, including the removal of masks in selected public places.

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