Thailand surrendered: tourists are waiting for major changes

Thailand gave up: tourists are waiting for big changes

From July, Thailand may cancel the last obstacle for tourists – the need to issue an annoying Thailand Pass, and also at least partially soften the mask regime, officially allowing to do without masks in the open air. Such a statement was made on Friday at a meeting of the Thai analogue of the Operational Headquarters. The main purpose of these measures is stated directly – to lure tourists back. Also, the policy of easing measures is caused by similar steps on the part of other countries in the region – for example, Cambodia and Singapore announced easing measures.

N.B. We add that at the same time on another continent, the requirements for the entry of tourists changed Egypt – the most popular destination for Russian tourists after Turkey. Read the details here. Estonia has also changed the entry procedure: read the details at this link.

As of July 1, the government will also end the “Thailand Pass” system, which required foreign tourists to register and show proof of vaccination and medical insurance before they could fly to the kingdom, according to a statement from the covid task force. The question of whether tourists will need certificates and tests at the entrance is still under discussion.

Also, Tawisin Wisanuyotin, a spokesman for the Thai Covid Task Force, said that wearing masks outdoors will become voluntary, but will still be recommended in crowded places, entertainment venues and on public transport. An official statement is to follow from the Ministry of Health.

All these measures are apparently being taken to attract tourists and support a declining economy that is in serious crisis due to the pandemic and the rising cost of living. So far, over 1.6 million foreign tourists have arrived in the country in the first six months of 2022, with foreign tourist receipts totaling 99.7 billion baht, according to official Thai government statistics. For comparison, in 2019, before the pandemic, about 40 million tourists arrived in Thailand at the same time.

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