The admission of tourists to Thailand begins under the new rules

The admission of tourists to Thailand begins under the new rules

New entry rules were announced by the authorities of beach Thailand. Starting April 1, all travelers entering the kingdom will no longer need to present a negative PCR test result for coronavirus, which was previously mandatory for tourists before departure. At the same time, testing upon arrival remains.

According to Thai media, all visitors to the country – vaccinated and unvaccinated – no longer need to undergo a laboratory test before departure, but the requirements after entry vary depending on the tourist scheme that the tourist has chosen to visit the kingdom.

Exotic Thailand authorities and the government's coronavirus task force have decided to waive the pre-flight test requirement to encourage more people to travel to the kingdom, which has become a hard-to-reach destination for travelers during the pandemic. Numerous testing, quarantine and other strict requirements scared away travelers.

It is clarified that travelers who are vaccinated and enter the Test & Go, they need to book a SHA+ hotel for their first night in Thailand while they wait for their test results, which can take up to a day to be ready. On the fifth day of their stay, vacationers must independently undergo a rapid antigen test and report the results.

Unvaccinated travelers or those vaccinated with a vaccine not approved by the authorities of the Land of Smiles must isolate at an approved hotel or resort for five days under an alternative quarantine scheme and be tested for Covid-19 before being allowed to roam freely. The Russian Sputnik V and Sputnik Light are approved by the kingdom.

In addition, as a standard requirement in the context of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, before flying to Thailand, travelers must apply for a Thailand Pass QR code through the official website of the Department consular affairs at this link.

Additional documents for Russians who want to relax in Thailand

For Sandboxers:

  1. Thailand Pass
  2. SHA Extra+ Hotel Booking for 5 nights
  3. PCR -testing upon arrival
  4. Sputnik V/Sputnik Light vaccination certificate
  5. Insurance with a minimum coverage of $20,000
  6. Rapid antigen test for 5 day for self-use

For those who have chosen the TEST & GO:

  1. Thailand Pass
  2. Booking a SHA Extra+ hotel for the first night
  3. PCR testing upon arrival
  4. Vaccination certificate by Sputnik V
  5. Insurance with a minimum coverage of $20,000
  6. Rapid antigen test for 5 days for independent use

The Thai government is gradually easing entry requirements as the country prepares to transition from pandemic to endemic in the next few months. The Kingdom plans to declare Covid-19 endemic by July 1, but the date could change if there is a spike in infections after the Thai New Year, Songkran, which takes place on April 13 this year. Thus, vacationers have a chance that in the summer the conditions for entering Thailand will be the same as they were before the pandemic. Also, according to local media, by May 1, the rule for PCR testing on arrival may be adjusted.

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