The airline of a major Russian-Turkish tour operator was on the verge of closing

The airline of a major Russian-Turkish tour operator was on the verge of closing

The airline Royal Flight, affiliated with the Russian tour operator Coral Travel with Turkish roots, risks losing the air operator's certificate. According to the publication of Kommersant, the carrier, which stopped flights in early March, has only two aircraft out of 13 that were in the fleet left in Russia, the rest are abroad, under the arrest of lessors. And the airline does not plan to resume flights at least in the coming months.

The publication clarifies that all 13 Boeing aircraft remain in the operator's certificate, but the carrier managed to leave only two sides in the Russian Federation. The remaining aircraft, at the request of four lessors from the US and the EU, were detained in Turkey and Egypt during export flights in early March. At the same time, as Kommersant's sources add, the company does not pay for the leasing of aircraft, but the contracts have not been terminated. Also, according to him, the parties were negotiating the purchase of boards, but the owners refused, fearing secondary sanctions.

As for the two remaining aircraft, they were transferred to the Russian register – this is a 24-year-old Boeing 757 and an 11-year-old Boeing 737. A source at the airline said that the plans were to put these aircraft on domestic resort flights, but the closure of southern airports canceled these plans. As a result, according to a source in the airline, the resumption of flights is hardly possible.

For now, the carrier's resources are focused on maintaining the remaining staff and settlements with counterparties in Russia. He also added that about a third of the employees were laid off. “The company considers it “inappropriate” to continue operating with two aircraft. At the same time, if the lessors take away the aircraft detained abroad and delete them from the operator's certificate, the company may lose it from autumn, ”the publication says. The reason is as follows: on September 1, FAR-10 comes into force, which requires the carrier to have at least six aircraft in a foreign registry or three in the Russian one.

Kommersant also notes that at the moment Coral Travel offers tour options with Turkish Airlines, Azur Air, Red Wings, Pegasus and Pegas Fly flights.

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