The airline of a well-known tour operator sent staff on vacation

The airline of a well-known tour operator sent the staff on vacation

The major domestic airline Royal Flight, affiliated with the Russian tour operator of Turkish origin Coral Travel, stopped the flight program from March 16 to May 15 and sent employees on forced leave.

As Turkish media cited the statement of Vadim Mikhailov, CEO of Royal Flight, the difficult decision was made due to the sanctions imposed on Russian airlines by Western countries, including the recall of aircraft by lessors, a ban on the supply of spare parts to Russia and maintenance.

The “downtime announcement” order came into force on March 16 and will last until May 15, 2022. As in the case of Ural Airlines, which also sent employees home with the need to be in touch (details here), forced leave for Royal Flight employees came for reasons beyond the control of the employer and employee.

According to Article 157 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the procedure for paying downtime for personnel should be assigned in the amount of 2/3 of the tariff rate, salary, calculated in proportion to the downtime.

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