The billionaire rented an entire hotel in Antalya with 1200 rooms for a wedding

The billionaire rented an entire hotel in Antalya with 1200 rooms for a wedding

After the coronavirus pandemic, wedding ceremonies for Indian rich people resumed in Turkey. Thus, according to the Turkish media, the large-scale event of the Indian billionaire in Bodrum attracted general attention. The scope of the celebration is impressive: the billionaire, along with guests, flew in on five planes and rented a resort hotel with a capacity of 1,200 seats.

The wedding celebration, organized by wealthy Indian tourists, took place at the ultra-luxurious Torba Mahallesi hotel in the resort area of ​​Bodrum ( Mugla province). It was clarified that there were many guests from London, where, as you know, a large number of billionaires live. In addition, according to some reports, the ceremony was attended by guests from Russia. All of them were fed with dishes of Indian and Anatolian cuisine.

Indian and Russian tourists had fun and had fun, an enchanting show with music performed by the famous Indian DJ Sumita Sethi was organized for them. After entertainment at the hotel, Indian billionaires continued to celebrate an important day at sea on a yacht.

“The interest of wealthy Indians in Turkey is growing every day. We started doing carnival events as well as Indian weddings. In September-October we organize four more weddings. Such events provide a positive promotion not only for the hotel where the ceremony takes place, but also for the economy of the region and the country. Therefore, Bodrum has managed to become the center of attention of Indian companies,” the banquet organizer told local publications.

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