The capital of a country popular with Russian tourists in Europe went against the EU and the whole world

The capital of a country popular with Russian tourists in Europe went against the EU and the whole world

New alarms in the European Union cancel the old ones, but not everywhere. The capital of Austria went against the general trend of “farewell to the pandemic”: Vienna suddenly announced that it was tightening measures against the coronavirus. The mayor of this city, Michael Ludwig, said that the capital of the country will continue to follow a path different from the federal government. “The stricter measures are justified, the nationwide easing came too soon,” he argues.

In particular, in the capital, it was previously planned to ease the mask regime – but this will not be done. Some of the rules for visiting medical institutions will also be tightened. There are no “tightening” rules about tourist visits.

In Russia, meanwhile, people are already joking: “Due to the difficult political situation, the coronavirus is curtailing and leaving.” Restrictions for tourists are “piled up” in the wastebasket one after another: QR codes and masks are no longer required in Moscow, other regions are also introducing concessions, including Crimea, the Krasnodar Territory – and, with a creak, St. Petersburg. Read the details in the article “Coronavirus is over: two of the three most popular Russian tourist destinations have done away with the pandemic.”

By the way, the Ivanovo region has recently joined the regions mentioned in the list, which lifted restrictions from March 17 – and it includes, for example, Plyos, popular with tourists, and Ivanovo itself is included in the route of the classic Golden Ring. We add that from April such a popular tourist region as Karelia promises to “remove the masks”.

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