The capitulation of the main night resort of Southeast Asia: the authorities are tired and surrendered

The capitulation of the main night resort of Southeast Asia: the authorities are tired and surrendered

The authorities of the main night resort of Southeast Asia are tired of senseless bans in the name of victory over covid and gave up: the other day to revive nightlife in Pattaya and Poramese Ngampiches, We Love Pattaya's Pattaya mayoral candidate, has vowed to lift the curfew that has caused nightclub owners numerous problems with the police. In a statement to the Associated Press, he said that one of his main goals is for Chonburi Province to continue to attract tourists throughout the year.

“In order for us to continue to receive tourists – and there are about 20 thousand of them a day – the mayor of the resort must be far-sighted and experienced. We have to deal with promotions that welcome tourists. Chonburi province, in particular Pattaya and the surrounding areas, has gone through hard times not only because of Covid but also because of the authorities who enforce the rules harshly,” said the mayoral candidate. He recalled that the rival island of Phuket received favorable treatment, including allowing the arrival of tourists under the “sandbox” program and the earlier lifting of curfews and alcohol bans.

Earlier, Poramese also promised to fully restore nightlife and the entertainment industry in Pattaya, which he says are important to the tourism industry and are a “magnet” for the city. Note that while the curfew in the province, once famous for its nightlife, begins at 23.00. After this time, alcohol, etc., cannot be served. – leading to multiple conflicts between business owners and the police.

“We must immediately negotiate to plan ways to attract tourists, as some neighboring countries have lifted quarantine requirements to attract travelers and resumed their tourism activities,” – added the mayoral candidate. It should be noted that the official himself is no stranger to the tourism industry – he was once the secretary of the Pattaya Association of Entertainment Operators.

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