The country of Europe, popular with Russian tourists, could not stand it, and backtracked

Europe, popular with Russian tourists, could not stand it and back down

The next cancellation of covid restrictions is planned in Greece: the country's authorities could not stand the pressure of the general trend to cancel the pandemic, especially since the high summer tourist season is coming, and it is necessary to lure tourists. This time we are talking about restrictions for tourists not at the entrance, but directly into the interior of the country during their holidays: in Greece, in particular, the already softened mask regime will be weakened. Note that the entry rules have already been simplified – from May 1, Greece removed the vaccine qualification at the entrance to the country, and tourists no longer need certificates, tests and other documents to enter and travel around the country.

As for the latest relaxations, since June 1, following the statement of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the Greek authorities have canceled the mandatory wearing of masks on flights and in closed public places. Note that the requirement to wear masks in restaurants, bars and nightlife venues was lifted even earlier – in early March.

however, the Greek Ministry of Health is reluctant to give ground – and masks may be needed – warned tourists. “The mandatory wearing of masks remains in urban transport such as buses, metros and trams,” Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris warned in a televised address. As for the ferries, they will be announced later – presumably next week.

As for the removed barriers to entry and other canceled rules, Greek officials said that the lifting of the Covid rules will apply at least all summer, until 31 August. This has been done for the benefit of tourists. However, in the event of new surges, the authorities reserve the right to return anti-COVID measures.

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