The country of the famous paradise island cancels quarantine for tourists from the USA, Germany and Russia

The country of the famous paradise island cancels quarantine for tourists from the USA, Germany and Russia

Indonesia went through a trial period of “tourist bubbles” and fully opened up to all tourists after its paradise island – the famous Bali. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism of the country Sandiaga Uno. According to him, almost all quarantine requirements for foreign tourists from the United States, Germany and Russia have been canceled – and this applies not only to the island of Bali, where the “tourist bubble” used to work, but to the rest of the country.

Minister of Tourism also clarified that the only requirement remains – tourists must pass a PCR test before entering – and it must be negative. The “vaccine qualification” is likely to be cancelled.

Note that before this decision, Indonesia conducted a trial two weeks of the “tourist bubble”. In this mode, tourists were allowed to the islands of Bali, Batam and Bintan.

As a result, the country's government hopes that the easing of travel restrictions will increase the number of foreign tourists this year. They mainly rely on the markets of the USA, Germany, as well as Russia, for which the country has not closed. The plans are to receive more than 3 million tourists.

It should be noted that similar declarations have been made in other countries of Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as Thailand. “Covid” restrictions are falling one after another – no wonder. According to the Asian Development Bank, tourism in Southeast Asia accounted for more than 12% of economic output in 2019, which employs 42 million people. The second question is that the large Russian market has to deal with the sanctions, namely, the desire of the “air lobby” to “land” flights flying to Russia. And for Europeans, due to the same sanctions, these flights will cost much more.

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