The country, which was super popular last year, decided to rely on Russian tourists against the backdrop of sanctions.

Last year's super-popular country decided to bet on Russian tourists against the backdrop of sanctions

Due to European sanctions, others can benefit countries that are ready to receive Russian tourists. So, Tanzania expects to repeat its success in receiving Russian tourists during the pandemic, taking advantage of the anti-Russian sanctions of the West.

At least, such a statement, according to exclusive sources of TURPROM from Tanzania, was made in a conversation between the Ambassador of Tanzania, Fredrik Kibuta, and MP from the Russian Federation, Petr Ammosov, a representative of the Sakha-Yakut constituency. “Given the sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States against Russia, it is expected that many Russian tourists will come to Africa, including Tanzania, and for Tanzania to create favorable conditions, including on the issue of tourist safety,” the Russian deputy commented on the situation. .

Mr. Kibuta also assured Russia that Tanzania is ready to welcome Russian tourists, providing them with a beach holiday, “satisfactory tourism infrastructure” and security. He also noted that tourism is one of the important sectors of the country and the government continues to invest and improve its infrastructure.

Recall that in the “coronavirus” winter season 2020-2021, Tanzania, which became one of the few open destinations with tourist-friendly “antique” rules, was a resounding success. Tanzania was among the first foreign destinations opened to Russian tourists after a complete shutdown of flights during the pandemic – this happened back in the summer of 2020. Then tours to the resort island of Zanzibar were purchased 50 times more often than in the pre-Covid era. At the same time, then the average check for the tour was 185 thousand rubles – by the way, adding almost half. The statistics of that time can be viewed at the link.

However, later in April 2021, due to “coronavirus” risks, this direction was closed for Russian tourists at the same time as Turkey, and tour operators had to urgently “replay” regarding the sold tours. Since then, the direction has remained in the “closed”. However, experts estimate that Tanzania can repeat its success for a mass tourist – if, of course, it is possible to circumvent the problem of air sanctions.

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