The death penalty for everyone: a Russian woman in the UAE unexpectedly discovered three main disadvantages of living in the Emirates

The death penalty for everyone: a Russian woman in the UAE unexpectedly discovered three main disadvantages of living in the Emirates

Main cons of living in the UAE for foreign tourists who want to stay there longer – a comfortable life is more for locals, and not at all for visitors, which makes tourists jealous, as well as harsh laws up to the death penalty, “terrible discrimination” and exorbitantly expensive housing . The Russian traveler spoke about the other side of the popular country and stated on the Yandex.Zen channel that the life of local residents in the Emirates is amazing.

Rigid Sharia law, which locals and visitors are required to follow, may deter some travelers. This is because everyone, without exception, must follow the rules and traditions established in the Emirates. Otherwise, a harsh trial and punishments up to the death penalty, even for tourists.

“…there is the death penalty here. Creepy, right? And the crimes, if you can call them that, are the simplest: for example, intimacy outside of marriage or the use of any drugs, as well as their distribution. If you have your own opinion on religion or you are an atheist in general, then it is better not to tell anyone about it, and even more so not to preach, otherwise you will die. Any person with unconventional thinking will die if he actively distributes and promotes this: homosexuality, or theft, is a death sentence. And even if you are a tourist. And Russia will not be able to intercede in any way. The death penalty for everyone,” the blogger warned.

We add that the death penalty threatens for murder, harassment, rape, distribution/possession of drugs, adultery (if there are witnesses), homosexuality, crimes against the security of the country, treason and exit from Islam.

In addition, in The UAE is experiencing “terrible discrimination” that manifests itself against migrants. According to the author, those who come to work in the Emirates become “second-rate people.”

“If you came here to work, for example, as a waiter, or a dishwasher, a hairdresser, any part-time job will make you a “second-class” person. All migrants face this. It’s very unpleasant, but this is how life works in the UAE, and no one can do anything about it. I see with my own eyes how workers from Asia do the dirtiest work, how they work in the sun in +40°C heat, how bad they look. The conditions are simply terrible, in the form of a six-day period, and someone works every day. And in what conditions do you have to live … “, she said.

Very expensive housing, which migrants and many Russian tourists are unlikely to ever be able to afford, is another drawback that a tourist saw in her life in the UAE. The cost of the cheapest hostel starts from 4,000 rubles, and the rental of apartments is at least one million rubles.

“Here you have to work only to rent a hut. Even food can be found at a normal price, but not housing. The worst cheap hostel starts from 4,000 rubles per night for one person. For a comfortable life in a prosperous area and a convenient residential complex, renting an apartment for a month will cost at least 1,500,000 rubles. A million for rent! In Russia, for such an amount, you can buy a new apartment, but here you can only live for a month, ”the Russian woman was indignant at the prices.

She noted that the UAE is not suitable for permanent residence of ordinary tourists. “You need to come to the UAE to look at the Emirati life, visit local residents, try products, and evaluate their quality. To come in order to expand your consciousness…”, the blogger noted.

Tourists, even the wealthy, are not allowed to use all the benefits of the country, locals are welcome. “Now, if I was immediately born a princess in one of the sheikh families – this is already really, there is something to envy,” the Russian woman shared her dreams.

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