The demand of Russian tourists began to revive after the first shock: the most popular destinations were announced

The demand of Russian tourists began to revive after the first shock: the most popular destinations were announced

Russian tourists, as experts predicted, moved away from the shock, and gradually began to take care of their summer and rest. The main trend is expected – against the backdrop of problems with foreign flights and a decrease in the number of available destinations, 83% of bookings for tours in March fell on tours in Russia – and this is a record. As the travel market experts added to Kommersant, Sochi remains the leader in demand, interest in the Crimea is restrained by the still closed Simferopol airport. Tourists abroad risk making their way to Turkey, Egypt and the UAE, including through detours, for example from Minsk.

The fact that the share of domestic destinations in the structure of sales of organized tours in March reached 83%, trips abroad – only 17%, “Kommersant” was told in Moreover, back in 2022, Russia in the structure of demand for organized tours occupied 31%, and in 2019 – 11%.

Experts note that part of the dynamics is related to the start of the tourist cashback program on March 15, according to which travelers can be compensated up to 20 thousand rubles. when booking a holiday within the country. Against this background, sales of tours in Russia from March 14 to March 20, according to, grew six to seven times week by week.

At the same time, in general, prices – at least so far – have not skyrocketed: the average check is at the level of 41.85 thousand rubles, which is comparable to the same period last year – 46.9 thousand rubles. Experts note that while hoteliers are waiting, a wave of price growth by 10-20% is predicted “after a general stabilization of the situation”, together with sales growth.

In the structure of demand for foreign destinations, according to, Abkhazia is the leader with 9% of all bookings, Turkey 5% and the United Arab Emirates 2%. However, tourists are warned that at the moment most of the flight programs of tour operators have been canceled and so far only the flight schedule for April is being worked out, so booking tours abroad is still associated with risk. Tour operators are also working on bypass routes – including to Egypt from Minsk.

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