The doctor told tourists how to get a good sleep on the plane

The doctor told tourists how to get a good sleep on the plane

Sometimes, despite the strong desire to take a nap during the flight, not every tourist manages to do this. Clinical psychologist, member of the American Council of Sleep Medicine Michael Breus, in an interview with Forbes, revealed the main tips on how to sleep well on an airplane.

According to the expert, first, you should take your own sleep equipment and provided by airlines. The standard set for quality sleep includes items such as an eye mask, noise canceling headphones and a pair of blue light blocking goggles.

Secondly, the position of the passenger and the place on board are extremely important. If you take the wrong position for falling asleep, you will have to wait a long time for the onset of drowsiness. The basic rule of thumb when you want to sleep on a flight is to choose a window seat so you have something to lean your head against. In addition, at seats that are far from the aisle, it is unlikely that other passengers will be disturbed, who may suddenly need to get up to the toilet.

Thirdly, some time before the flight, the doctor suggested adjusting his flight schedule to the time zone of the destination. This will help reduce the effects of jet lag, i.e. temporary disruption of human circadian rhythms due to jet lag during air travel, but will also increase the likelihood that the body will fall asleep. So, the specialist recommended using specialized applications that will help create an individual plan for changing time zones for a flight.

Fourthly, the doctor recommended not to worry if sleep is difficult. It is quite natural that the desynchronization of the biological clock and sleep patterns when crossing time zones is natural and natural, but stress or anxiety about this will probably only worsen the situation. “Worry less about being out of your element, ie. not in your bed. So you will better manage some semblance of a quality night's sleep while traveling, ”concluded the psychologist.

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