The employee spoke about the perversions that VIP tourists do in the rooms of 5-star hotels

An employee spoke about the perversions that VIP tourists do in the rooms of 5-star hotels

The rich and famous famously get up all sorts of fun in hotel rooms. For example, they've been throwing televisions out of windows for almost as long as they were invented. Now, a five-star hotel employee has added fuel to the fire by posting compromising evidence on the VIP guests who stayed there on Reddit.

So, the concierge stated that he was involved in a situation where the couple paid for staying in two separate rooms. Justifying himself, the guest said that his wife snores, so he needs a second room. However, the employee said that the two nights that the couple spent at the hotel, he had to escort three different girls to the room, who were at least half the age of the guest.

In addition, a young man once saw a bag of white powder fall out of the pocket of a [celebrity] who was accompanied by several people: “They didn’t notice anything, and I didn’t know what to do. When he turned around, I just said, “I think you dropped it. It was awkward.” However, the worker added, he was never asked to get drugs.

And although he never did anything illegal to help a guest, he witnessed some rich people break the rules. “Some of our more affluent guests arrive at the nearest airport in their private jet or helicopter. We come and pick them up. Obviously, airports have certain rules regarding security and passport checks, but 90 percent of the times I've met passengers, we've taken them straight off the runway without any security.”

The social media user explained that it's not just the housekeeping staff who have to put up with the antics of the rich and famous, the cleaners have to clean up after them. So, an employee spoke about the case when one guest tried to attach a sex swing to the ceiling. “After one guest checked out, the maids discovered that half of the ceiling had collapsed onto the floor in his room. It turned out that he, along with a companion, was trying to tie a sex swing to plaster.

In addition, readers were interested in the moment which of the celebrities was more pleasant and who was the easiest to deal with. According to him, TV people were almost always nicer than pop stars. And the most pleasant of all was the British magician and illusionist Derren Brown.

At the same time, a hotel worker noted that working for celebrities can be very lucrative through tips. His personal record is the equivalent of 27 thousand rubles. for walking the dog for 10 minutes. At the end of the story, the employee remarked that, in general, celebrities were nicer than he expected, and worst of all in behavior and attitude towards the staff were people who are slightly underestimated, which is called consistently rich.

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