The European Commission blacklisted 20 Russian airlines

The European Commission blacklisted 20 Russian airlines due to their non-compliance with international safety standards.

According to Interfax, the following air carriers are banned:

  • Aeroflot;
  • Russia;
  • Pobeda;
  • UTair;
  • S7;
  • Aurora;< /li>
  • Izhavia;
  • Yakutia;
  • UVT Aero;
  • Smartavia;
  • ” IrAero”;
  • Ural Airlines;
  • Nordstar;
  • Rusline;
  • Yamal;
  • Nordwind;
  • IFly;
  • Rusjet;
  • Aviastar-TU.

Such measures are connected with the fact that the Federal Air Transport prevented Russian airlines from operating foreign aircraft without a valid airworthiness certificate.

“This reflects serious security concerns about Russia’s forced re-registration of foreign-owned aircraft and allowing them to operate without valid airworthiness certificates. suitability”, – Interfax quotes the statement of the European Commission.


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