The expert indicated the ideal time to check in the best seat for the flight

An expert has indicated the ideal time to check in the best seat for a flight

The exact time of check-in for a flight affects the chances of a tourist to fly with his group or get an aisle seat. According to aviation expert Scott Case, in order to get the best seat on board, it is better to check in for a flight as soon as it opens. At the same time, it is worth considering that carriers allocate seats both on a first-come, first-served basis and online.

Thus, airlines that support online check-in open it 24 before departure. For example, these are the British Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.

“There are several cases where it is very important to check in early – and the sooner the better. First come, first served depends on what time you check in for your flight. So, if you check in even five or ten minutes after that 24-hour mark, you will most likely end up in Groups B or Section C, which means your chances of sitting together as a group or getting an exit seat are slim. Especially if it is a crowded flight,” the specialist explained.

According to the expert, in order to “catch” the right seats, you should set an alarm on your phone, which will notify the tourist about the start of the opening of check-in for the flight – such fierce competition among passengers.

“Sometimes airlines allow you to select a seat after check-in or , at the very least, give first-timers a choice over passengers who check in later. This is rare these days, but sometimes check-in time can be the deciding factor for determining upgrades,” he added.

The travel expert also stated that check-in time – if left to the very last moment – ​​can also become a decisive factor in deciding who will not get on an overloaded flight. Although this is a very rare scenario, it's still worth checking in early to minimize the risk and secure your perfect seat.

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