The happiest countries in the world announced the lifting of restrictions

The happiest countries in the world announced the lifting of restrictions

The original rating is presented in an even more original study from the UN. The Happiness Report (literally “Happiness Report”) not only presented another list of the happiest countries, but also compared their “covid regimes and organizations”. It turned out that most of these countries have either lifted restrictions or are in the process of doing so.

Note that the second ten of the “twenty” happiest countries entered, counting from the end, i.e. from 20th place France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Great Britain, USA. Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia and Austria. Most of these countries have lifted restrictions on tourists, both entry and exit.

The first ten were reported in detail in the Happiness Report:

  1. In tenth place is New Zealand. The country opens its borders in five stages and will be open until October 2022 for all tourists.
  2. The ninth – by the way, for the first time – is Israel. The country fully reopened to international travelers on March 1, 2022, regardless of vaccination status. True, tests have to be passed. In particular, the country is open to Russian tourists.
  3. Norway is in eighth place. The country completely lifted travel restrictions on February 12, 2022.
  4. On the seventh Sweden – the country is also completely open. The Swedish government lifted its ban on entry to non-EU/EEA countries on 1 April 2022 and allowed tourists, regardless of vaccination or vaccination status, to enter Sweden.
  5. Luxembourg, a tiny country ranked sixth place in the happiness index, while the exception is the country is closed until June 30.
  6. The Netherlands – the country has completely removed all covid measures. In the ranking of happiness, she opens the top five.
  7. Switzerland is the fourth country on the list while maintaining travel restrictions, but it is open to travelers who have already been fully vaccinated.
  8. Iceland – bronze in the happiness index, is fully open, restrictions lifted on February 25th.
  9. Denmark is completely open, all tourists, regardless of their country of origin and vaccination status, are allowed to enter Denmark without any entry rules.
  10. Finland is, finally, the most happy country. Finland has not yet lifted restrictions on the entry of tourists from third countries, including from Russia. Only tourists from the EU/Schengen area or from countries currently included in the EU safe travel list are allowed entry.

Let's also imagine the top five outsiders or the most unfortunate countries. These are Afghanistan, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Botswana.

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