The island, super popular among Russians, began to issue free visas

The island, which is super popular with Russians, has begun issuing free visas

In Cyprus, they expect that at least some of the Russian tourists who have booked trips to Cyprus for the summer season 2022 will be able to “get through” to the island, despite all air and other sanctions. At the very least, experts from the Cypriot side unequivocally confirmed to the experts of the tourist market that Russians have the opportunity to obtain a visa for an island state.

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the Russian representative office of the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus officially confirmed that you can enter Cyprus by obtaining a Cypriot visa. The only thing that has been suspended due to sanctions and the lack of direct flights is obtaining a pro-visa, which gave easy entry to Cyprus. Now tourists will need a standard package of documents (passport, certificate of employment or bank statement), as well as a copy of a voucher for accommodation from a hotel in Cyprus – or documents confirming the rental or ownership of real estate on the island. In addition, although air tickets are not formally included in the number of documents, the visa officer may ask them to present them additionally, ATOR notes. There is good news – visas are free for Russian citizens. A Schengen visa and long-term national visas for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are also suitable.

ATOR recommends the following transfer routes for tourists – there is an opportunity to get there with a transfer in Belgrade – the cost of an a/b in the second half of April is from 48 thousand rubles. for one in one direction, more expensive connections in Dubai from 86 thousand rubles. and Doha 264 thousand rubles. for one. Tel Aviv (from 100 thousand rubles) and Bahrain (from 45 thousand rubles) are also offered as docking places. Another route is the promised flights of “Rossiya” from Sochi to Cairo – they will cost 21 thousand rubles. per passenger one way. Plus a flight from Cairo to Larnaca – from 15 thousand rubles. for one.

Tourists were also reminded of the “covid” rules for entering Cyprus: tourists vaccinated with vaccines approved by WHO and EMA, as well as Sputnik V and Sputnik Light (the latter only as a booster, that is, the third vaccination) are required to enter Cyprus only vaccination certificate. From the moment the vaccination course is completed, no more than 9 months should pass. Unvaccinated people will need either a PCR test for covid no older than 72 hours or a rapid antigen test no older than 24 hours. They will also need to pay for and undergo a molecular PCR test upon arrival in Cyprus (€15 at Larnaca airport and €19 at Paphos airport). Only children under 12 are exempt.

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