The last 4 countries remained in the EU, where the Russians will require sanitary confirmations

The last 4 countries left in the EU where Russians will require sanitary confirmations

Four states – France, Malta, the Netherlands and Spain – have broken out of the pan-European course towards the return of dock-like entry conditions for tourists to the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area. The authorities of these countries continue to require Russian and other tourists arriving from third countries to comply with the rules related to the coronavirus.


According to Schengenvisainfo, France currently classifies all countries on two different lists – green and orange. This ranking means that authorities apply different entry rules depending on the country a person is traveling from. Non-EU travelers arriving in France from a green-listed country must present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing upon arrival.

On the other hand, third-country nationals arriving in France from an orange-listed country are subject to slightly stricter rules. Fully vaccinated and recovered travelers from France's orange list countries are allowed entry without restrictions, while unvaccinated and unvaccinated travelers must present a negative test and good reason to justify entry into France.


Similarly, Malta requires all tourists traveling from third countries to the resort island to be in possession of a valid document confirming their covid status upon arrival. The Maltese government explains that all travelers must present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing. All persons over the age of six are required to present one of these passes when entering Malta.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands also continues to comply with entry rules for travelers from third countries, including Russia. Since the Netherlands currently has an entry ban for non-EU tourists, only those who can present a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery are allowed to enter the country.


Despite lifting its entry rules for EU travelers, Spain also still requires travelers from non-EU countries to follow certain entry rules. The country's interior ministry explained that all tourists traveling from third countries, which include Russia in Europe, must present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing upon arrival in Spain. Those who carry one of these passes are allowed to enter for any purpose, including tourism. However, it was emphasized that tourists who do not have an EU digital COVID certificate or other equivalent document must complete a medical control form.

Here is the full list of countries that have lifted the covid border blockade for tourists:< /p>

1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Bulgaria
4. Hungary
5. Germany
6. Greece
7. Denmark
8. Ireland
9. Iceland
10. Italy
11. Cyprus
12. Latvia
13. Lithuania
14. Norway
15. Poland
16. Portugal
17. Romania
18. Slovakia
19. Slovenia
20. Finland
21. Croatia
22. Czech Republic
23. Switzerland
24. Sweden
25. Estonia

This means that all travelers from third countries, including Russians, can enter the above countries without restrictions.

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