The limit of dreams: the amount more than which tourists will not spend on vacation has been named

The limit of dreams: the amount, more than which tourists will not spend on vacation, has been named

Approximately half of Russian tourists who are going to have a rest inside the country are not ready to spend more than 25 thousand rubles on vacation. The demand for inexpensive travel against this background is growing. Such data was published by Izvestia, referring to a survey by the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF).

According to ONF experts, according to a survey of 2.5 thousand Russians about vacation plans and the availability of domestic tourism in 2022, most of them preferred economy-style vacations. More precisely, 52.4% assured that they would spend no more than 25 thousand rubles per person on vacation. However, we note that the “lesser half” is ready to fork out more seriously – 23.2% plan to spend up to 50 thousand rubles, 15.3% – up to 100 thousand rubles, and 2.4% of tourists are ready to allocate more than 150 thousand rubles for the trip . However, last year the figures were higher – about a third planned to spend from 40 to 60 thousand rubles on a trip, and up to 40 thousand rubles. 23.5% of tourists expected to spend on vacation, only 5.8% planned to spend even cheaper.

Among the leaders in demand for Russian tourists are traditionally the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea, from excursion destinations – Kazan and St. Petersburg. At the same time, the demand for Black Sea resorts increased by 61%, and in Kazan – by 91%, Izvestia experts say. But St. Petersburg took the lead in terms of interest growth – it was searched for 133% more often. Which is not surprising given the rather strict covid restrictions in the northern capital last season. But the Crimea, the leader of last year, sank as expected – according to experts, by a third. The main problem of the peninsula is transport inaccessibility due to the closed airport and, accordingly, the lack of railway transportation.

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