The migration of Russians to Antalya has taken on an avalanche character: there is not enough housing, the streets of the resort are full of cars with Russian numbers

The migration of Russians to Antalya has taken on an avalanche character: there is not enough housing, on the streets the resort is full of cars with Russian numbers

After the “European doors” are closed by sanctions, the migration of Russians to Turkey continues along with cars with Russian numbers. The demand of compatriots for the real estate sector in Antalya and Istanbul has grown to critical proportions: demand many times exceeds the available supply, so Russians no longer have enough housing.

Here is what the Turkish media write about the situation in Antalya against the backdrop of events taking place in the world:

“In parallel with the depreciation of the ruble, foreigners rushed to buy a significant part of the housing that went on sale as of November 2021. According to TUİK (Institute of Statistics of Turkey) for 2022, approximately 24 percent of houses/apartments in Antalya, i.e. 4,727 units were sold to foreigners in February. It is expected that by the end of March this number will be much higher.”

The avalanche demand for housing is a reflection of the Ukrainian crisis in the Turkish resort province: housing prices there have risen sharply. If in previous years Russian-speaking buyers considered Antalya as a summer residence, now they are inclined to buy housing for the purpose of permanent residence or even obtaining citizenship.

Among Russians, the Liman and Khurma quarters in the Konyaalti region of Antalya are especially popular. This can be seen even in the streets where foreigners used to be rare: cars with Russian and Ukrainian license plates are parked everywhere, and every six out of ten people, according to local publications, speak Russian in these areas. It is noted that the Russian language has become the second language of sellers in markets and bazaars.

Despite the skyrocketing housing prices in the country's main resort province, realtors complain that it is difficult for them to find properties to sell and rent. Foreign buyers, who usually prefer apartments within walking distance from the beach, are now focused on more remote areas and are not attached to proximity to the sea.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that Russians in Turkey had problems with residence permits and bills in Turkish banks (details here). In addition, it became known another popular winter tourist destination, which Russians choose for a long stay (details at the link).

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