The minimum amount necessary for a Russian citizen to live abroad has become known

The minimum amount necessary for a Russian citizen to live abroad has become known

The minimum budget for tourists who are “stuck” without money or who do not have free funds was presented on his blog in Yandex.Zen by a Russian “winterer” stuck in Cambodia. According to him, in these realities – not too chic, but still quite comfortable you can exist on a “minimum budget” of $150 per month. Of which, according to the blogger, $ 80 goes to housing and another $ 70 to food. And given that Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, the announced amount is the minimum necessary for a Russian to live abroad.

At the same time, the blogger called his lifestyle a “rogue rogue” – and then painted in detail how he survives on some big money or, in his words, “what this style implies and how much it costs”

“My hotel – a hostel – is very good. Air-conditioned rooms with 3 bunk beds. Such a luxury military barracks. In fact, it is convenient: the mattresses are excellent, the linen is normal, the toilets, which is very important, are constantly cleaned and there are a lot of them. On the roof of the hotel there is a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant. On the ground floor there is a cafe and a working area,” the blogger said. According to him, this pleasure costs $7 per day. At the same time, living conditions in the hostel do not bother him, “on the contrary, it’s fun,” he notes.

“In the matter of saving on food, I am not satisfied with myself yet. Even though I lived for so many years in Southeast Asia, now I can hardly force myself to eat Cambodian food,” he says. At the same time, “native European” is much more expensive. “Breakfast on the roof of the hotel costs 2.5 – 3.5 dollars. For lunch, a sandwich for a dollar with meat and greens, or a pancake with sprouted soy, minced meat and small shrimp. It is sold with a bag of greens added to it, so you can even call it healthy food. Costs only 75 cents. Dinner, to be honest, after a hot day does not pull at all, so usually some things from the supermarket are used: muffins, cookies and the like. On average, $1.5 a day,” the blogger said.

“With food and a hotel, it's $13 a day, or about $400 a month. This, of course, we do not consider weekend fun, which goes far beyond any savings, but here I am not ready to turn on the power saving mode yet, ”he summed up.

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