The money of Russian tourists found a new use

Russian tourists' money tourists found a new use

Sanctions against Russian tourists and their absence at most resorts will lead to the fact that the global tourism industry will miss $ 7 billion – this is the money that Russian tourists took abroad during their tours. Turkey will be the most affected country. At the same time, Russian officials already hope that these funds will be spent by our tourists inside the country and will go to the development of tourism in the “national interests.”

These calculations are given in the Turkish media, but a Russian official is named as their source. They report that the absence of Russian tourists on holidays in some countries will lead to a loss of $ 7 billion for the global tourism industry. “The place where this loss will be felt the most will be Turkey, which received more than 7 million Russian tourists in 2019,” they add. they.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko was named as the author of the calculations. It was he who said that the fact that Russian tourists do not go abroad will lead to the above-mentioned amount of losses. The official went on to say that in total, “Russian tourists have taken $300 billion abroad over 20 years.” These funds, he said, “contributed to the development of the tourism infrastructure of different countries,” but now “a period of national development is expected.”

“What do we need to do is to get these 7 billion to go to the Russian tourism industry? The tourism infrastructure in Russia has developed very rapidly over the past year, and this pace must be maintained,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

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