The pilot called the time when nervous passengers should not fly on a plane

The pilot named the time when it is better for nervous passengers not to fly by plane

Particularly sensitive tourists who find it difficult to fly, it is better to choose morning flights rather than evening flights . The details were told by American pilot Jerry Johnson in an interview with Reader's Digest.

During flights, as a rule, turbulence frightens the most nervous passengers. As a professional pilot explained, the air changes during the day, so the risk of its occurrence depends on the time of day.

Flights in the afternoon are more “rough”, so this is the worst time to fly. The reason is the heating of the air. If the sensitive traveler boards a flight departing from the airport at the end of the day, then he should be aware that during the day the earth has had a lot of time to warm up. This fact can cause “bumpy air” and lead to turbulence on board.

In addition, in the afternoon, the risks of getting into a thunderstorm increase, which can make being on board an aircraft even more unsettling. Therefore, the best time to fly for a tourist who cannot get rid of his worries is in the morning.

“If you are a nervous passenger, book an early morning flight. The heating of the ground makes the air “uneven” and in the afternoon a thunderstorm is much more likely,” the expert specified.

Another pilot gave some advice on how to calm the nerves before landing. If fear does not leave the tourist, according to Harrison Murray, the best thing that nervous passengers can do is to make a list in advance of all the things they worry about.

“I would recommend making a list. Write down everything that makes you worry, nervous or afraid, then cross out absolutely everything that you cannot control – focus on what you have left, ”he recommended.

Other tips include choosing an aisle seat so you can get up and walk around, avoiding alcohol because it affects your body more at altitude, and avoiding watching plane crash videos. He also recommended that passengers take a course on managing their fear of flying to reduce anxiety. “If you still feel intimidated, sign up for a course on managing your fear of flying. Several of my friends have noted the effectiveness of such lessons,” he concluded.

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