The pilot revealed a way to always get off the plane first

The pilot revealed a way to always get off the plane first

By choosing the “right” seat on the plane, you can avoid long waits when leaving the cabin after landing. Pilot Johnny Knowlson told The Sun more about this method.

The main advice for those who want to leave the plane as quickly as possible is to choose seats on the left side of the airliner. “Front left and rear left on short haul flights work well since we usually disembark on this side of the plane, front and back. And being at the exit on the left side of large planes is crucial if you want to avoid being at the end of the queue for passport checks at the control,” the aviation expert explained.

Tourists traveling light, i.e. without luggage, he recommended boarding the plane next to the overhead lockers that hold his hand luggage. The pilot also showed the best seats for people who want to sleep during the flight, as well as for passengers who are afraid to fly: skip the first row and then sit in the aisle seat. It will be a little quieter than by the window, although the view will be less inviting.”

The choice of location will also determine the feeling of turbulence, he says. “By being closer to the aircraft's center of gravity, while lift, torque, wind, gravity, drag and thrust are acting on it, you will be well prepared for a smooth flight,” the pilot said.

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