The replacement of Russian tourists in Egypt is gaining momentum: 83 flights arrived in Hurghada in a day and only 2 from the Russian Federation

Replacement of Russian tourists in Egypt is gaining momentum: one day to Hurghada 83 flights arrived and only 2 from Russia

79 scheduled and charter flights, of which only two flights from Russia arrived on Wednesday at Hurghada International Airport and four flights arrived at Marsa Alam Airport, according to Al Masri al Yum. A total of 83 flights. Russian tourists in Egypt are being replaced by European tourists, who are increasing every day.

The Germans again became leaders in the number of arrivals. Let's remind, two weeks earlier they too have appeared the first. Tourists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Armenia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Serbia, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary and Saudi Arabia got into the top. Russian tourists are “outsiders”.

As part of the development of the excursion movement, travel companies and the Union of Guides in Hurghada resumed their repeated appeals to officials demanding that the eastern desert road Kena-Luxor be quickly opened. The route is used for daily tourist tours, which are beach tourists (25-35%) who leave the Red Sea province for sightseeing tourism in Luxor and have to endure driving on terrible roads.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Egypt will attract the most phlegmatic tourists to replace Russian vacationers.”

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